No, Notorious Hamper-Pooper Najeh Davenport Was Not Arrested After A…

Najeh Davenport is not a robber, although he did shit into a woman's laundry hamper one time. For a short time today, it seemed like Davenport was both a thief and a hamper-pooper, as it was reported by multiple outlets that Miami-Dade Police had arrested Davenport in connection with a robbery following a chase that… » 4/11/13 4:49pm 4/11/13 4:49pm

Orlando Brown Allegedly Leaves His Ex-Wife Something To Remember Him By

Najeh "Deuce" Davenport was crowned the king of unlawful defecation after he took a dump in his girlfriend's laundry basket back in 2002. Now it appears the plunger has been passed to Orlando Brown, a man of even greater fiber. » 9/10/09 4:30pm 9/10/09 4:30pm

Pittsburgh Steelers Love Their Illegal Gun-Shooting Parties (UPDATED)

Hackles have been raised by photos of a shooting event where civilians, including members of the Pittsburgh Steelers, are seen goofing off with possibly illegal weapons—all courtesy of the Pennsylvania State Police. Hey, gun safety is for Seahawks. » 8/12/09 11:20am 8/12/09 11:20am

Never Try To Steal A Car From Najeh Davenport

If you see a car parked on the street with the engine running, you'd probably be tempted to jump in and take a ride. Just make sure it doesn't belong to Najeh Davenport, because he will chase your ass down. » 5/20/09 9:30am 5/20/09 9:30am

Najeh Davenport New Dump Truck For Steelers

The Steelers might have won last night — a loss would have been devastating to their hopes f staving off the Browns — but they lost running back Willie Parker for the rest of the year with a broken leg. (Good thing nobody plays fantasy football in Week 17.) And now only one man can save them: The Hamper Shitter. » 12/21/07 10:40am 12/21/07 10:40am

Jeff George Was Fun While He Lasted

It might be the most talented class of roster cutdowns in NFL history. Charlie Rogers, Najeh Davenport, Ron Dayne, Lee Suggs, Marcus Vick, and quite sadly, Jeff George, were all released yesterday as NFL teams had to get down to the 53-man roster limit. » 9/03/06 5:11pm 9/03/06 5:11pm

Meet The New Packers Running Back

The Packers might be down to to their fifth-string running back, but that's hardly a bad thing. In fact, new fantasy obsessive pickup Samkon Gado is one of our new favorite players, because we've come across MySpace profile, and, all told, we think the guy sounds kind of cool. » 11/08/05 10:15am 11/08/05 10:15am

NFL Roundup: Davenport Craps Out

• After intercepting an Anthony Wright pass in the end zone, Lions defensive back Dre Bly honored injured Packers running back Najeh Davenport by doing a spitting-image impersonation of him. Which was nice, we thought.

• After yesterday, we'll just say that we're going to really enjoy watching Terrell Owens the next… » 10/10/05 10:15am 10/10/05 10:15am

Made A Mistake? Hey ... We'll Help With Katrina!

NASCAR just announced that the helmet racer Robby Gordon threw at Michael Waltrip's car last weekend — apparently Waltrip crashed his car or something — will be auctioned off to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina. Of all the self-involved attempts by athlete to pump up the Q rating by pretending to be devoted to… » 9/20/05 5:36pm 9/20/05 5:36pm