The Names On The FIFA Ballot Sound Made-Up

With Sepp Blatter (a pretty funny name in its own right) on his way out, the FIFA presidency is wide open. The rogues’ gallery of candidates are already positioning themselves—human rights groups accuse one potential frontrunner, Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al-Khalifa of Bahrain, of literally snitching on athletes who… »10/26/15 2:59pm10/26/15 2:59pm


Where Hulk, Cristiano Ronaldo And Other World Cup Stars Got Their Names

It's fitting that the World Cup hosted by Brazil, a country with such a unique anthroponomastic culture, is lousy with guys bearing interesting names and sobriquets. And while hearing these names and wondering where they came from offers one source of enjoyment, we've tried to actually find out what was in the minds… »6/28/14 11:48am6/28/14 11:48am

Name Of The Year 2014 Final: Shamus Beaglehole Vs. Chillie Poon

This is it. This is the showdown we've waited an entire year for (OK, more like five months). In one corner, we have Shamus Beaglehole: English footballer, #3 seed of the Sithole Regional, vanquisher of Curvaceous Bass and Dr. Loki Skylizard, and bearer of a last name that sounds like an old man's curmudgeonly insult.… »4/11/14 10:59am4/11/14 10:59am

Presenting The 2014 Name Of The Year Bracket, A Shitavious Gruntfest

Name of the Year dates to the fall of 1982 and names taped to a dorm-room door on an Ivy campus: Dexter Manley, Cornelius Boza-Edwards, Baskerville Holmes. The following spring, Hector (Macho) Camacho was elected the first Name of the Year. What can we say? The first basketball baskets didn't have holes in the bottom.… »3/21/14 3:16pm3/21/14 3:16pm