80 Bucks Will Buy You A Chance To Name A British Soccer Stadium After…

Or your cat. Or your shoes. Or pretty much whatever you want. Bath City FC, of the Blue Square Premier League, is raffling off naming rights to its stadium, with almost no restrictions. All you need is £50, which converts to about $80. Those who enter will also receive four tickets to the April 9 match against Forest… » 2/10/12 3:15pm 2/10/12 3:15pm

Here's An Update On The Harry Baals Saga

Since this time yesterday, Fort Wayne, Indiana's "Name Our Building" forum has been inundated with votes. Roughly 10,000 of them defied city officials who'd forgotten one of democracy's pillars. They chose to support the "Harry Baals Government Center" despite the likelihood that it's all for naught. » 2/11/11 12:00am 2/11/11 12:00am