One Manchester United Fan Was So Upset By Nani's Red Card, He Called The Police

United washed out of the Champions League yesterday, conceding two backbreaking goals to Real Madrid almost immediately after Nani was sent off for an unintentional boot into the torso of Álvaro Arbeloa. It was controversial as all get-out—you can see the video here—and surely swung the result. »3/06/13 3:25pm3/06/13 3:25pm

Iceland Scored A Nifty Little Goal In Its Euro Qualifying Match Against Portugal

Manchester United's Nani scored the first two goals of yesterday's Euro 2012 qualifying match between his Portugal and Iceland. Yet, the highlight of the match came in the second half, when Iceland's Hallgrimur Jonasson blended ballet balance and ninja nimbleness to do whatever you call what he did on this play. It… »10/08/11 1:45pm10/08/11 1:45pm