The Nassau Coliseum Was Not A Dump: What The Isles Are Leaving Behind

In October 2012, a month into the NHL lockout, with the schedule already beginning to crumble, the New York Islanders made a big announcement: Upon expiration of their lease in 2015, the Isles would be leaving the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, their publicly owned home of 40 years, for Brooklyn's Barclays Center.… » 5/10/13 3:35pm 5/10/13 3:35pm

The Islanders And Nassau County Are Getting Divorced, So It's Time To…

This we knew, but now things are getting ugly. Even setting aside the actual product on the ice for a moment, the recent history of the Islanders in Nassau County has been miserable. A terrible lease for a terrible arena has kept them shackled in a county that can't afford to pay for anything even if it was interested … » 3/03/13 9:35am 3/03/13 9:35am

A Man Was Arrested For Landing A Private Helicopter At The Nassau…

What a weird, weird scene this must have been. Saturday night the Nassau Coliseum, just days after learning it would soon lose the Islanders, played host to some kind of electronic music concert called "Haunted Coliseum" and people—"teens"—went crazy. Depending on which report you read, anywhere from 50 to 100 people were… » 10/28/12 3:30pm 10/28/12 3:30pm

The Islanders Are Leaving Their Crappy Arena For A Crappy Hockey Arena

Yesterday the New York Islanders announced they'd be leaving their soulless, ancient, crumbling box in Uniondale in favor of Brooklyn's new (if rusty) Barclays Center when their lease expires in 2015. Judging by the Nassau Coliseum's Yelp reviews, no one is really going to miss it: » 10/25/12 1:50pm 10/25/12 1:50pm