Watch The Emotional Ceremonies Preceding Tonight's NHL Games In Canada

This week's dual tragedies in Ottawa and Montreal have understandably driven both remembrance and national pride in Canada. On the heels of Pittsburgh's display earlier this week, a pre-game ceremony in Ottawa was simulcast to Toronto and Montreal, providing fans in those arenas the opportunity to participate in… » 10/25/14 9:29pm 10/25/14 9:29pm

"America's Most Patriotic Band" Plays America's Worst Anthem Rendition

NASCAR promoted these guys who performed "The Star-Spangled Banner" before today's Nationwide Series race at Daytona as "Madison Rising, America's Most Patriotic Rock Band." I guess the more patriotic, the less talented! (Things really get good, and by good I mean bad, around the one-minute mark.) » 2/22/14 1:28pm 2/22/14 1:28pm

Here Is A Terrible Performance Of "God Bless America" By A Woman…

The Beach Blanket Babylon is one of this country's longest-running and best-known musical revues, and features performers who wear ridiculous hats. These performers regularly make appearances singing at San Francisco Giants games, so nobody was too surprised when the company's Misa Malone arrived onfield to sing… » 10/21/12 10:08pm 10/21/12 10:08pm