The Final BCS Champion Will Be Legitimate, Like Always

Rumors of the BCS's humiliation were greatly exaggerated. While many in the college football playoff camp would have liked nothing more than to see a BCS Armageddon with undefeated Alabama, Oregon, and Florida State teams, last week's results prove once again that the current system is not the boogeyman its detractors… »11/16/13 12:20pm11/16/13 12:20pm

Robot Football Coach Nick Saban Graces Georgia High School With His Presence, High School Explodes With Sheer Joy

It's getting obvious that it doesn't make much such to mindlessly venerate college football coaches—they're not gods, and when they're treated as such, they often start to believe that standards of human decency don't apply to them. That's why, when Nick Saban made a recruiting visit to an Georgia-area high school… »1/20/13 5:45pm1/20/13 5:45pm

Tim Tebow And Nick Saban Pizza Portraiture Is A Thing Now

It goes like this: "in the Tennessee Valley, a Madison pizzeria is going out of the norm to create pizzas in the likeness of football icons." There is little need for further explanation, really. Somewhere in Alabama, pizzeria shop owner "Famous" Joe Carlucci and a high school student have pushed the boundaries of… »1/14/12 12:30pm1/14/12 12:30pm

Either Somebody Comes Up With $25K By Friday Or UConn's Championship Parade Is Off

It's one thing to win what ranks among the worst men's college basketball championship games ever. It's another thing altogether to have to ask the city of Hartford or the state of Connecticut to pony up some coin to have a parade to accompany "the scheduled celebration for the team at the state Capitol." »4/13/11 9:30pm4/13/11 9:30pm