BYU Signs 6'7", 410 lbs. Hulk Based On Two Year Old Pickup BBall Game 

The most intriguing news out of signing day—at least for those who find tracking every tiny movement a bit weird—was that a 6'7", 410 pound manchild signed a letter of intent to play football at BYU. The problem was, nobody knew jack shit about Motekiai Langi. No grainy highlight reel, no photos of him in a football… »2/05/15 12:41am2/05/15 12:41am


Arkansas Recruit Can't Commit Because His Mother Ran Off With His Letter Of Intent

Alex Collins, one of the top RB prospects in the nation, was going to Arkansas. He said as much Monday night, making as official an announcement as one can make before National Signing Day. Well, today's signing day, and Collins was not in attendance at the ceremony—a placard with his name was set up, but removed just… »2/06/13 1:15pm2/06/13 1:15pm

Where Have You Gone, Pert Coed Rumps Of The Alabama Fax Cam?

Last year Bama livened up the roll call that is National Signing Day by pointing a webcam at their fax machine, and sending female staffers to post the latest commitments. But some other SEC school complained, and this year Alabama is back to the boring big board. How do you expect me to read those names without asses? »2/01/12 1:45pm2/01/12 1:45pm