NASCAR Crew Members Arrested After Fighting With A Driver

Another weekend, another fight at a NASCAR race. This one involved two Richard Childress Racing crewmen who were arrested early Saturday morning after police say they started a fight with a driver from a rival team. » 4/28/13 10:29am 4/28/13 10:29am

A Collection Of Photos From NASCAR's Wild Day At Daytona

We've collected a sample of some of the most striking images from the terrifying wreck at the DRIVE4COPD 300 at Daytona yesterday from both fans in the stands and professionals at the track yesterday. If you have come across any others please feel free to add them in the discussion below. Top image via. » 2/24/13 1:24pm 2/24/13 1:24pm

Do Not Ask Kurt Busch About His Probation, Or He Will Threaten To Beat…

Resident NASCAR idiot Kurt Busch continued his campaign of jackassery Saturday after the Nationwide Series race at Dover today, verbally attacking a reporter who dared to ask about the probation NASCAR imposed after Busch's May 12 incident with Ryan Newman. » 6/02/12 8:45pm 6/02/12 8:45pm

This Pre-Race Prayer Might Actually Be The Most Redneck Moment In…

Perhaps NASCAR, its Nationwide Series especially, looks like an extended redneck highlight reel, but last night's race in Gladeville, TN offered us one of the redneckiest moments you'll ever see. It came in the pre-race prayer—which, I suppose, duh—but we were so riveted that we shall now thank the Lord in future… » 7/24/11 2:45pm 7/24/11 2:45pm