Mile-Wide Tornado Hits Oklahoma City Suburb, Killing at Least 51

A massive, mile-wide tornado touched down in Moore, Oklahoma Monday afternoon, killing at least 51 people, including 20 children. A reporter from local news station KFOR supposedly called it "the biggest, most destructive tornado in the history of the world," and estimated it was two to three times the magnitude of… » 5/21/13 7:24am 5/21/13 7:24am

The Earth Hates The Canadiens

A Quebec family had just seen the Habs take the lead in game 6 Monday night, when...well, you can see the photo. Their house pretty much disappeared into the ground. » 5/12/10 2:50pm 5/12/10 2:50pm

LP Field Will Soon Be Suitable Only For Water Polo (Photo Update)

The Titans' stadium is already being threatened by rising floodwaters, and a possible dam release could put the whole thing underwater within hours. » 5/03/10 3:20pm 5/03/10 3:20pm