Your Dumbest Of Hurricane Dumbasses Is This Bro On A Jetski In The…

WNBC later interviewed this gent, and we'll update when we can get video of what he had to say, but here he is on his personal watercraft, braving the hurricane-force waves. [WNBC] » 10/29/12 5:02pm 10/29/12 5:02pm

Usain Bolt Outruns Human Nature

Usain Bolt, as winner of the 100 meter dash, receives the title "the world's fastest man." It carries a mystique unlike any other. Nobody cares about the world's best hammer thrower, or the world's best trampoliner. But running is different. Running speaks to something essential—no tools or equipment needed, nothing… » 8/06/12 4:45pm 8/06/12 4:45pm