A Beginner's Guide to Navy-Strength Rum

The Royal Navy's successful invasion of Jamaica in 1655 had a lot of terribly negative outcomes. The commanders ended up in the Tower of London. Many of the English sailors fell sick or starved. A lot of Spanish settlers died. But there was one undeniably positive outcome: rum. » 3/27/15 5:17pm Friday 5:17pm

Oh, and if you want to get really…

Gallery: Greasy Naval Cadets Try To Climb A Lard-Covered Monument

[Each year the freshman class at the Naval Academy, known as 'Plebes,' climb the lard covered Herndon Monument at the Naval Academy to retrieve the Plebian Sailor's hat and replace it with an officer's hat. Above, freshmen make a human wall to climb the monument on May 19, 2014 in Annapolis, Maryland. The tradition… » 5/22/14 3:41pm 5/22/14 3:41pm

The Carrier Classic Is Back, And It's Still Gorgeous

It's the second year for the Carrier Classic, the season tip-off played on the deck of an aircraft carrier. Tonight, the Notre Dame and Ohio State women play first on the USS Yorktown in Charleston Harbor, with the Marquette and OSU men to follow. One day, if they keep doing this, it's going to get old. It's going to… » 11/09/12 6:35pm 11/09/12 6:35pm

Stuffed Goat Mascot Stolen From Navy Tailgate

Fearless, the life-sized stuffed goat who usually chills out atop his owner's car before Navy games, should not be confused with Bill XXXI, Navy's live goat mascot. But he is a regular fixture at Navy pregames, and he has been kidnapped. » 10/26/12 2:50pm 10/26/12 2:50pm

US Navy Frees Eric Kettani To Play For The Patriots

LTJG Eric Kettani can go back to being FB Eric Kettani. Yesterday, after three years of service on the USS Klakring, Kettani received his release from active duty and will join the New England Patriots for all offseason activities. » 4/26/12 1:40pm 4/26/12 1:40pm

Watch A 101,300-Ton Bin Laden-Dumping War Machine Become A Basketball…

Love time-lapse videos. Love them. Nothing better for the arrested attention span than to compress a week's worth of construction on the USS Carl Vinson in San Diego into a handy YouTube video. And on the eighth day, they balled. [via SBNation] » 11/10/11 6:05pm 11/10/11 6:05pm

In The Navy, You Can Lick Your Gap-Toothed Pal's Ear If You Beat Notre…

Navy hadn't won consecutive games against the Fighting Irish since 1960-61. They won last year. They won today. Hence, the traditional seaman celebration was called for.
(H/T Matthew Kelley) » 10/23/10 4:30pm 10/23/10 4:30pm

Fighter Jet Flyover Threatens, Thrills Thousands

Two Navy fighter pilots were grounded after buzzing a Georgia Tech game at the decidedly unsafe altitude of just a few hundred feet. » 3/19/10 4:30pm 3/19/10 4:30pm

I Believe This Sums Up The Average Notre Dame Fan's Thoughts Quite…

So, uh, Notre Dame lost to Navy today 23-21. The last time an unranked Navy team beat a ranked Notre Dame squad was 1936. The last time Navy beat the Fighting Irish twice in a row was 1961 and 1963. » 11/07/09 7:45pm 11/07/09 7:45pm