Whiteside On First Triple-Double: "Trying To Get My NBA2k Rating Up"

Hassan Whiteside went for 14 points, 13 boards, and 12 blocks today in a 24-minute frenetic performance that led the Heat to a 96-84 win over the Bulls today. What sparked his career day? "I'm just trying to win every game... I'm just trying to get my NBA2K rating up." » 1/25/15 3:31pm 1/25/15 3:31pm

The Space Jam Video Game We Deserve

You haven't really seen video game basketball until you've seen this Space Jam-themed NBA 2k14 mod by YouTuber MkEliteWorksX. » 2/13/14 12:16pm 2/13/14 12:16pm

If You Combined Battlefield and Forza's Outrages, You'd Have NBA 2K14

Earlier this afternoon, 2K Sports' Ronnie Singh—Ronnie2K on Twitter—gave everyone playing NBA 2K14 a code for a special pre-game player animation as a make-good for the online troubles that paralyzed the game this weekend. Naturally, when I went to enter the code on my PlayStation 4, 2K's servers were down. » 12/31/13 6:01pm 12/31/13 6:01pm

Sports Video Games in 2013: A Year in Decline

To a video gamer, the pairing was so natural that I didn't recognize how unusual it really was. On Oct. 12, ESPN broke up its top two announcing teams to put Brad Nessler and Kirk Herbstreit in the booth for the network's Texas A&M-Ole Miss nightcap. The two have, virtually anyway, worked millions of games together in… » 12/29/13 6:47pm 12/29/13 6:47pm

Kevin Harlan Doing His Kevin-Harlan-In-NBA2K Impression Is Perfect

Chris Paul tore up the Blazers last night. And while Portland pulled out the win, CP3 went off hard enough that Kevin Harlan broke out the NBA2k routine. » 12/27/13 1:04pm 12/27/13 1:04pm

The PS4 Makes Madden, FIFA and NBA 2K Better, But Not Essential

Heading into this console transition my opinion was that, of all the genres that could possibly sell a new Xbox or PlayStation, sports would come in last. Despite the richer visuals and refined experiences I've seen so far, that opinion still stands. » 11/17/13 5:51pm 11/17/13 5:51pm

International Hoops Returns to Video Games with Euroleague in NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 will add Euroleague teams to the series for the first time, reintroducing international basketball to console gaming after a three-year hiatus brought on by NBA Live's absence. » 7/02/13 3:27pm 7/02/13 3:27pm

Again, NBA Live Quietly Distances Itself From Past Failures

Reading between the lines of an open letter by NBA Live's new executive producer, one understands that whatever comes next in that franchise is really no continuation of last year's effort, which, like its 2010 predecessor, was aborted a few weeks before its assumed date of release. » 6/23/13 2:16pm 6/23/13 2:16pm

A Pair of Kings: NBA 2K14 Gets LeBron James for Its Cover

Solidly established as professional basketball's best player and a mortal lock for the hall of fame, LeBron James, after 10 years as an A-list superstar, will finally appear on the cover of a video game when NBA 2K14 hits shelves this autumn. » 6/06/13 8:59pm 6/06/13 8:59pm

The NBA Player Who Came Out Was A Video Game Cover Star... Sort Of

Today's big news—not just in sports, either—is 12-year NBA veteran Jason Collins revealing he is gay. Collins isn't really a star; he's a journeyman more known for getting destroyed by Shaq in the NBA Finals his rookie year. Perhaps you may have seen him somewhere else? » 4/29/13 6:28pm 4/29/13 6:28pm

You Can Have Any Sports Video Game You Want, But There's Only One

About this time last year, at E3, I was chewing the fat with a 2K Sports representative about NBA 2K11 which already looked to be the monster it would become. Long dominant in the pro basketball genre, the game with… [ Kotaku » 5/28/11 8:00pm 5/28/11 8:00pm]

Lamar Odom Turns To Video Games For His Hoop Dreams

OK, maybe this is rock bottom for Page 2, but there's an excellent mental image in here: Lamar Odom last week playing as Lamar Odom in NBA 2K11 against the Mavericks, and his opponent letting him win. » 5/11/11 2:20pm 5/11/11 2:20pm

No Strikes, but One Out as Labor Unrest Hovers Over Video Games

For a brief moment Tuesday, I wasn't sure we'd be seeing any basketball video game this year, even though I'd taken for granted that NBA 2K12 would release, a death-and-taxes sure thing in October for more than 10 years.… [ Kotaku » 4/09/11 4:00pm 4/09/11 4:00pm]