Aloe Blacc Proves Beats Headphones Are Shit With Tone-Deaf Performance

Aloe Blacc sings that "The Man" song used in all the Beats Audio headphone commercials. Fans in attendance at tonight's NBA All-Star Game festivities in New Orleans probably wish they had some noise-canceling technology like Richard Sherman or Kevin Garnett, because Blacc's performance there was truly, truly awful. » 2/16/14 7:59pm 2/16/14 7:59pm

The Dunk Contest Field Has Been Announced, And It's Not Terrible

ESPN's Marc Stein has the scoop on which six players will be competing in this year's dunk contest, and it's actually a pretty strong field. Paul George, John Wall, Damian Lillard, Harrison Barnes, Terrence Ross, and Ben McLemore will be this year's competitors. » 2/06/14 4:01pm 2/06/14 4:01pm

Lil Wayne Says He Humped Chris Bosh's Wife

Hey everyone, Lil Wayne is being crazy again. Wayne gave a performance in Houston last night as part of the NBA All-Star Weekend festivities, and he took some time out of his set to take his beef with the Miami Heat to Defcon 1. Recall: Wayne was recently involved in some kind of kerfuffle at a Lakers-Heat game, and… » 2/18/13 3:10pm 2/18/13 3:10pm

The NBA's All-Star Weekend Will Look A Lot Like The NHL's All-Star…

Perhaps the only thing the NHL does better than its basketball counterpart is the skills competition. Realizing there are only so many times you can watch Al MacInnis or Zdeno Chara win the hardest shot, the league stages the night as a team event—first Wales vs. Campbell, then East vs. West, North America vs. the… » 12/20/12 1:45pm 12/20/12 1:45pm

Only Kobe Bryant Would Get A Concussion And A Broken Nose In An…

As far as NBA All-Star Games go, and that's not very far, last night's edition had just about everything. From the NBA's two best players pacing their conferences with 36 apiece, to the typical shootout devolving into world-class defensive play in the last five minutes, to the NBA saying screw you, we're televising… » 2/27/12 10:10am 2/27/12 10:10am

Nicki Minaj Had A Bit Of A Wardrobe Malfunction In The NBA All-Star…

Fresh off her aiding and abetting of M.I.A.'s Super Bowl impropriety and a batshit insane Grammy Awards performance Nicki Minaj got a bit too worked up during the announcement of tonight's All-Star Game lineups, it would seem, and had a falling-out with her undergarment. » 2/26/12 7:43pm 2/26/12 7:43pm

The All-Star Shooting Stars Competition Will Be Lin-Less

Since Jeremy Lin has been shoehorned into the rookie/soph game, there's really no need for him in the Shooting Stars contest. But then, there's really no need for the Shooting Stars contest. You know the one: teams consisting of an NBA player, NBA "legend", and WNBA player take shots from different points on the court,… » 2/17/12 2:20pm 2/17/12 2:20pm