A Way-Too-Serious Scouting Report On The NBA All-Star Celebrity Game 

The Celebrity Game is without question the crown jewel of NBA All-Star Weekend, an event that provides the too-rare opportunity to see the TV and movie and music stars (and in some case, "stars") the world worships be extremely terrible at something, and for however brief a second, be able to say to ourselves, "I… »2/14/15 11:42am2/14/15 11:42am


Charles Barkley Dropped A "Jeremy 'Rin'" On-Air Last Night, But Was It On Purpose?

Despite having plenty of words by volume erupt from his lips, Sir Charles hasn't always been the most cunning linguist. (That's turrible.) So we don't know what to make of his slip-up last night, in which he went to the Asian-pronunciation-stereotype box and dropped a "Jeremy Rin" on viewers after last night's NBA… »2/25/12 11:30am2/25/12 11:30am