LeBron Would Be Nuts To Stay In Miami, Because Dwyane Wade Is Dead

In the commotion surrounding the immediate real estate plans of LeBron James and, to a lesser extent, a supporting cosmos of NBA stars, it has gone politely unsaid that one of the summer production's principals is—and in fact has been—dead. Dwyane Wade is no longer a great or even very good NBA player, and every… » 7/10/14 5:03pm 7/10/14 5:03pm

Reminder: The LeBron Free Agency Circus Is The NBA's Fault

We're watching the rubber band snap on LeBron free agency coverage. We waited all year to see what would happen, and now that it's happening, there's... rather a lot of coverage, isn't there? But remember, whatever hysterics into which teams and Twitter and ESPN have been thrown were created by the owners' best… » 7/07/14 4:49pm 7/07/14 4:49pm

The Cavaliers Finally Took Down Dan Gilbert's Insane Comic Sans Letter

As of last night, the Cavs' official website still hosted owner Dan Gilbert's hysteric, petulant open letter to Cavs fans, hastily composed in the aftermath of LeBron James announcing he was leaving for Miami. It would have been exactly four years old tomorrow. It has now, finally, been deleted. Comic Sans is dead;… » 7/07/14 12:05pm 7/07/14 12:05pm

LeBron's Free Agency Circus Is Officially Underway

LeBron James's 2010 free agency remains the most entertaining thing to happen in the NBA in years, with fans, suitors, and speculators running around like headless chickens for a week, all while James maintained complete control of the timing and tenor of his decision. (Sorry, his Decision.) As an unrepentant fan of… » 7/07/14 9:06am 7/07/14 9:06am

Dwight Howard Reportedly Wants His Own Big Three In Houston

As if the bad bitches at the Galleria weren't enough, Houston is pulling out all the stops to make sure Dwight Howard is in a Rockets uniform next season. Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler were in the house to woo Howard, while Dikembe Mutombo and Yao Ming even popped in via Skype. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles...… » 7/02/13 9:02am 7/02/13 9:02am