Report: Dwight Howard Wanted The Lakers To Phase Out Kobe Bryant

So, take this with a grain of salt as you would any other sourced report, but it jibes with public comments from both players as well as common sense: ESPN claims that a big reason Dwight Howard left the Lakers was because he didn't want to play with Kobe Bryant for another five years. » 7/11/13 8:46am 7/11/13 8:46am

Dwight Howard Reportedly Wants His Own Big Three In Houston

As if the bad bitches at the Galleria weren't enough, Houston is pulling out all the stops to make sure Dwight Howard is in a Rockets uniform next season. Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler were in the house to woo Howard, while Dikembe Mutombo and Yao Ming even popped in via Skype. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles... » 7/02/13 9:02am 7/02/13 9:02am

Jeremy Lin Will Be A Houston Rocket

Ending a week of speculatin' and cap-crunchin' and hand-wringin' and what the fuck are you doing Dolanin', it seems the Knicks will pass on matching Houston's offer sheet for Jeremy Lin. Three years and $25 million (plus assorted luxury tax penalties) was too rich for the Knicks, despite a few options on the table to… » 7/17/12 4:15pm 7/17/12 4:15pm

Jeremy Lin's Contract Could Cost The Knicks $58 $43 Million In Year…

From a purely basketball standpoint, there are very few fans and GMs who would take Raymond Felton over Jeremy Lin (and Jared Jeffries!). But Houston's offer sheet to Lin, with that massive $15 million salary in the third year, makes this about a lot more than basketball, or Linsanity. As the Knicks are currently… » 7/16/12 1:10pm 7/16/12 1:10pm

Raptors Sign Landry Fields Solely To Cockblock The Knicks On Steve Nash

Marc Stein reports that the Raptors have agreed to terms with Knicks RFA guard Landry Fields, at three years for around $20 million. That's exactly the sort of backloaded, poison pill deal we wrote about yesterday—the Knicks have the right to match the offer, but probably not the financial wherewithal. So the Raptors… » 7/03/12 1:35pm 7/03/12 1:35pm

Nets Raise Their Offer To Deron Williams To A Birthday Party, Two…

Deron Wiliams's wish list reportedly consists of just two teams: the Dallas Mavericks and the Brooklyn Nets. For a little extra-contractual love, the Nets drove a big old truck up to Williams's Soho home today, in honor of his 28th birthday. They also left a pair of children, but considering Williams's wife Amy is the… » 6/26/12 5:00pm 6/26/12 5:00pm