Those Ads On NBA Jerseys Might Not Be Happening Just Yet

When the NBA indicated this summer that it was nearing a deal to put advertisements on its uniforms, in the form of two-inch-by-two-inch patches on the shoulder, we figured it was putrid but inevitable. But mostly we figured it was impending. Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver said not one single owner was against theā€¦ »10/17/12 10:35am10/17/12 10:35am


Counterpoint: Ads On Jerseys Are Bush-League Crap, And If You Think They're OK, You're A Stooge

Oh, gee, the NBA wants to build on its incredible globe-spanning success and goodwill by putting ads on its uniforms, because...that's how they do it in the WNBA. And MLS. And various other unpopular and/or foreign sports leagues, and uh NASCAR, which, really? NASCAR was a long-form automobile commercial to begin with. »7/20/12 4:31pm7/20/12 4:31pm