Deron Williams's Turkish Club Retired His Jersey After 15 Games

Let it be known that no one shall ever be issued the number 8 jersey for Beşiktaş, in tribute to the weeks and weeks of service of one Deron Williams. Hailed as a conquering hero when he arrived this summer, the end of the NBA lockout forced Williams to bid farewell to his Turkish team. He remains the biggest name… »11/29/11 3:50pm11/29/11 3:50pm


The Shit Replacing Basketball On TV Tonight: Three Hours of America's Funniest Home Videos

The NBA lockout is nearing the end of its fifth month, and there is no end in sight. This sucks for players, who will miss paychecks; it sucks for fans, who will be forced to find other ways to occupy their winter nights; it really, really sucks for TV networks that carry local NBA games and now have to account for… »11/21/11 5:10pm11/21/11 5:10pm

Instead Of Watching Basketball, Let's Read One Of The NBA Players' Antitrust Lawsuits

Two separate groups representing NBA players filed antitrust lawsuits against the NBA yesterday—one, filed by the trade association's carefully selected legal team in California, has five plaintiffs including Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant; the other names players Ben Gordon, Anthony Tolliver, Derrick Williams and… »11/16/11 1:15pm11/16/11 1:15pm

The Website For NBA Players Association Now Reads "Error 404: Basketball Not Found"

Of course, it's not representative of a real computer error; just a human failure to make a labor agreement that would provide professional basketball to a fan base that is growing more and more impatient and resigned to the fact that we may, very well, be without a season this year. Thus: »11/14/11 8:35pm11/14/11 8:35pm

NBA Talks Break Off; Players Will Disband Union; Everything Is Awful

Billy Hunter says the players have rejected the league's latest offer, which he called "extremely unfair," and says the association is "prepared to file antitrust action against the NBA." They're also beginning the process of disbanding the union. From Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski [sic'd]: "The chances of losing the… »11/14/11 2:23pm11/14/11 2:23pm

Lockout Latest: Amar'e And Carmelo Make Adorable Sesame Street Appearance

Not everything that happens during the NBA lockout is bad: Delonte West makes his job applications public, Delonte West makes his broken-down Ford Bronco public, Chris Paul goes on Family Feud, and—provided that they cover up the Adidas logo on their shirts—Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire get to hang out with… »11/11/11 11:35am11/11/11 11:35am

LeBron Dunks, Mean Mugs, Refuses Lady's High-Five

LeBron played in Rudy Gay's charity all-star game just outside of Memphis last night. He scored 43 points and, as he tends to do, made no new friends at the DeSoto Civic Center in Southaven, Miss. There might be a lockout underway, but worry not, heathens: Together, we will still find ways to mock LeBron James on… »11/09/11 10:55am11/09/11 10:55am

Bill Clinton Cameoed At Today's Fruitless Lockout Negotiations

Let's take a brief respite from Penn State-related news to check in on the second-most miserable topic in today's sports coverage: the NBA lockout! If you've been following even from afar lately, you probably know that Bobcats owner Michael Jordan ruffled some feathers last week when he emerged as an outspoken… »11/08/11 7:20pm11/08/11 7:20pm

Michael Jordan The Player Would've Hated Michael Jordan The Hardline Owner

Over at SB Nation, Tom Ziller has compiled some of Michael Jordan's contradictory views on the NBA lockout. In a meeting during the '98 lockout, for example, Jordan the player told Wizards owner Abe Pollin, "If you can't make it work economically, you should sell the team." Ziller points out that in this lockout,… »11/04/11 6:30pm11/04/11 6:30pm

Kevin Durant Is The New Redskins Quarterback...On A Trading Card

Kevin Durant's dominating performance at an intramural flag football game at Oklahoma State earlier this week has a lot of people asking "What if?" All of those people work for the Panini Group, the Italian collectibles giant that makes trading cards and bought Donruss two years ago. What if Durant actually played… »11/03/11 1:05pm11/03/11 1:05pm

JaVale McGee To Become The Latest Non-Filipino On The Philippines National Basketball Team (UPDATE)

The Philippines is a nation crazy about basketball. Sick of always losing to China in the FIBA Asia Championships, which act as qualifiers for the Olympics and World Championships, the country has taken advantage of some lax laws on citizenship to stock their team with talent from around the world. It doesn't matter… »10/31/11 3:20pm10/31/11 3:20pm


DATELINE—TWITTERSPACE After this afternoon's collapse in negotiations, commissioner David Stern is planning to announce more cancellations beyond the first two weeks of the season. Opening night was to be Tuesday; now there won't be November basketball. We're told that low-level team employees with email access are… »10/28/11 5:50pm10/28/11 5:50pm


DATELINE—A NICE HOTEL Negotiations between the players and the league broke off without an agreement this afternoon. Neither side is willing to budge on the BRI split: the players are firm at 52 percent, the owners at 50. No talks are scheduled, though both sides hope to meet again this weekend. We are awaiting… »10/28/11 5:16pm10/28/11 5:16pm

NBPA Economist Kevin Murphy Provides Some Intellectual Capital On The Lockout has published an interview with Kevin Murphy, the noted genius and economist who's been working with the Players' Assocation since June. This is the first time the University of Chicago professor has talked publicly since the lockout began. Go read it to gain some bonafide intellectual capital about this mess.… »10/27/11 5:45pm10/27/11 5:45pm