Marshawn Lynch Embraces Draymond Green's Mom For Talking "Real Shit"

Oakland native and Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is on the premises for today’s Warriors NBA title celebration, and somehow ended up live on CSN with Dramond Green’s mother. Lynch was so moved by Ms. Babers-Green that he risked his own mother’s disapproval and hugged the Warriors forward’s mom, lauding…

Steph Curry Stinkface Shows He Always Chooses Luigi In Mario Kart

Stephen Curry brought some of the swagger back during last night’s Game 5 win against the Cavaliers, at one point delivering the stinkface following a fourth-quarter contested three-pointer—a shot that responded to LeBron’s long-range bomb seconds before, and one that gave the Warriors the lead for good.

LeBron Has Been A Damned Statistical Marvel In The Finals

There’s a way to look at Steph Curry’s stat line as an artifact of not just box score accounting, but his style. If you look closely, there are traces of the visceral experience of watching Steph double axel around a screen and fire up a three from the hip in arcane statistical whimsy, like fast break points outside…