NBA Superstars Are 1) Annoyed With Former Superstars, 2) Trapped in Elevators and 3) Very Good at Basketball

Remember on Thursday when Charles Barkley said Lebron James was alienating his teammates with all his talk of his impending free agency in 2010, and that he should "shut the hell up"? Well, you didn't think King James was going to take that lying down, did you? Heck no. On Friday, he fired back, BIG TIME: »11/29/08 10:30am11/29/08 10:30am


Greg Oden Couldn't Be More Thrilled With Your Request For A Photo

Thanks to Phil Golding for this picture, who got it from a friend who enjoyed a recent flight with Trail Blazers rookie Greg Oden. I think it's hilarious that the preseason hadn't even started yet, and already Oden is fed up with the fans. His attitude had improved greatly by Tuesday, however, as the seven-foot rookie… »10/08/08 10:00am10/08/08 10:00am