Jeremy Lin's Contract Could Cost The Knicks $58 $43 Million In Year Three [UPDATE]

From a purely basketball standpoint, there are very few fans and GMs who would take Raymond Felton over Jeremy Lin (and Jared Jeffries!). But Houston's offer sheet to Lin, with that massive $15 million salary in the third year, makes this about a lot more than basketball, or Linsanity. As the Knicks are currently… »7/16/12 1:10pm7/16/12 1:10pm


Raptors Sign Landry Fields Solely To Cockblock The Knicks On Steve Nash

Marc Stein reports that the Raptors have agreed to terms with Knicks RFA guard Landry Fields, at three years for around $20 million. That's exactly the sort of backloaded, poison pill deal we wrote about yesterday—the Knicks have the right to match the offer, but probably not the financial wherewithal. So the Raptors… »7/03/12 1:35pm7/03/12 1:35pm

How Gilbert Arenas Might Not Save The Knicks From Losing Jeremy Lin

The Rockets have verbally agreed to a three-year contract worth $24.5 million with restricted free agent Omer Asik, worth about $5 million each in years one and two, and climbing to a ridiculous $14 million in the final year. The Bulls, who have the opportunity to match the offer, would find themselves in luxury tax… »7/02/12 11:05am7/02/12 11:05am