We Are Watching Brian Williams’ Entire Career Implode

For more than a decade, NBC News anchor Brian Williams told a grand tale to his viewers, interviewers, and talk-show hosts about riding in an Army helicopter over occupied Baghdad when it was struck and forced to land by a rocket-propelled grenade. Earlier this week, after the helicopter’s crew members told Stars &… » 2/06/15 5:41pm 2/06/15 5:41pm

Did NBC Nightly News Go Live To A Man Who Was Taking A Piss?

It sure looks like Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Seidel was relieving himself when Lester Holt threw to him during his coverage of the storms in North Carolina. What else could he have been doing? » 11/01/14 6:43pm 11/01/14 6:43pm

Here's How Every Network Announced Dzhokar Tsarnaev's Capture On-Air

Most of us learned that the manhunt for Dzhokar Tsarnaev was over via Twitter or by listening to online feeds of law enforcement radio. But for those watching at home, the suspenseful moment of his capture—and learning that he was alive—would be a memorable if complicated moment: somber in light of those allegedly… » 4/20/13 12:25am 4/20/13 12:25am

Today's Boston Bombing Media Shitshow, In 90 Seconds

Our friends at Gawker already took a stab at this, but we thought we'd condense today's mess of media reporting into something easily consumable for the crowd that may have been working and thus wasn't privy to the disaster taking place on television airwaves. » 4/17/13 6:36pm 4/17/13 6:36pm

NBC Reporter Charged With DUI After Partying With Jerry Sandusky's…

We told you last month about NBC television reporter Jay Gray's arrest for DUI two nights before Jerry Sandusky's preliminary hearing near State College, Pa. At the time, the Pennsylvania State Police did not release any additional details, but TMZ reported that Gray had been at a party at the home of Sandusky's… » 1/06/12 2:00pm 1/06/12 2:00pm