Vikings-Giants Was Crap, And You Watched It Anyway

How bad does a football game have to be before people tune out? Worse than last night's mess, apparently. Vikings-Giants pulled a 9.5 overnight rating—meaning, roughly, somewhere between 14 and 15 million viewers. » 10/22/13 3:24pm 10/22/13 3:24pm

NBC Sports Network Cancels NRA-Sponsored Elephant Hunting Show

NBC Sports Network is dumping the show that featured a guy shooting an elephant in the face. The show—hosted by NRA lobbyist Tony Makris—isn't being canceled for that episode with the elephant shooting, exactly (though that didn't help). Instead it's because Makris compared his critics to Hitler earlier this week. He… » 9/28/13 8:44am 9/28/13 8:44am

Michelle Beadle's Crossover Is Finished

Crossover, the troubled NBC Sports Network studio show hosted by Michelle Beadle, is "donzo," tweets Beadle. Beadle: out. Shooting elephants in the face: in. » 9/25/13 5:32pm 9/25/13 5:32pm

Nobody Is Watching NBC Sports Network

Via Awful Announcing, Sports Media Watch published a list of NBC Sports Network's most-viewed programs for the four weeks ending Dec. 23, and it's grim. Aside from a boxing card and a simulcast of Sunday Night Football (because NBC broke in to show Obama's Newtown speech), no show broke 200,000 viewers. » 1/02/13 1:10pm 1/02/13 1:10pm

The NHL Lockout Negotiations Have Been Kind Of A Joke

Did you know, that as of right now, the NHL season is still technically scheduled to start on time next Thursday? Yep, everyone is going about their business as if there's going to be meaningful hockey next week, as if all the best players will rushing back from Russia, as if the teams will re-hire all the staff they… » 10/02/12 10:05am 10/02/12 10:05am