ACC Fires Karl Hess, College Basketball's Joey Crawford

You may not immediately recognize the name Karl Hess—though if you're an ACC fan you probably do—but if you've watched a college basketball game where a referee pulled some look-at-me funny business while misapplying the rules, there's a good chance it was Hess. There was the time he ejected Tom Gugliotta from the… » 1/09/15 12:37pm 1/09/15 12:37pm

There Are Good Reasons Against Unretiring Retired Numbers. Here's Mine

This is a pre-emptive warning to my alma mater: Don't you ever fucking put No. 44 on any men's basketball player, for any reason, ever. I'm saying this because I know the thought will cross your mind and some point in the future, but I am ordering you: Do not fucking do this. » 9/08/13 9:36am 9/08/13 9:36am

"I LOVE THE WAY YOU BALL": This N.C. State Recruiting Letter Is Insane…

This photo of a batshit insane recruiting letter comes to us from the Instagram account Dexter Wright, a high school football player who has struck the fancy of N.C. State's director of player personnel, Drew Hughes. » 3/14/13 6:20pm 3/14/13 6:20pm

College Outfielder Makes Mind-Bending Diving Catch

You're going to have to watch this a few times, and even then you probably won't be able to properly wrap your mind around this insane catch from N.C. State center fielder Brett Williams. A full-speed diving catch that smoothly transitions into a mid-air somersault should be impossible to pull off, which is… » 2/28/13 11:44am 2/28/13 11:44am

Some Duke Fans Chanted "How's Your Grandma?" At A Player Whose Grandma…

There was some world-class jagoffery going on in the Duke student section during last night's N.C. State-Duke game. In the second half, N.C. State guard Tyler Lewis stepped to the free-throw line and was reportedly greeted by a chant of, "How's your grandma?" from the Cameron Crazies. Lewis's grandma died last… » 2/08/13 10:15am 2/08/13 10:15am

N.C. State Upset Duke Yesterday On The Strength Of This Braveheart

I'll be honest, I watched this thinking it would be stupid and boring and not worth watching. But you know what? It's kind of fun. And let's be honest, these guys are the red-headed stepchildren of Carolina, they deserve a little moment in the sun. So here's a little Braveheart-themed pep rally before yesterday's … » 1/13/13 11:30am 1/13/13 11:30am

No. 1 Duke Suffers First Loss To Some Team Or Other As Nation Revels In…

It's not the Yankees losing in the divisionals, nor a conference rival pantsing Alabama midseason. Nor is it quite the Lakers fizzling in May, or the Cowboys losing year after year after year after delicious year. » 1/12/13 3:24pm 1/12/13 3:24pm

Dick Vitale Would Like To Know Whether "The Young Guy With The…

NC State upset Duke today 84-76, bringing to a close Duke's undefeated run and perhaps ruining their number one ranking, but who cares, because this happened at the end of the game: A young man in wheelchair zoomed out on to the court with the rest of crowd to celebrate the win, and Dick Vitale has a meltdown that… » 1/12/13 2:55pm 1/12/13 2:55pm

How The Hell Did We Get Here? An N.C. State Fan Warms His Championship…

We're running a series of dispatches from fans of unlikely Sweet 16 teams: Ohio, North Carolina State, and Baylor. » 3/23/12 2:30pm 3/23/12 2:30pm

ACC Referee Told N.C. State Head Coach Mark Gottfried To Shut His…

Yesterday's ACC final between N.C. State and North Carolina was just a typical game for N.C. State in the ACC—oozing with controversy. N.C. State, you will recall, is the alma mater to Tom Gugliotta. Googs, of course, was unceremoniously kicked out of a game by ACC official Karl Hess little more than a month ago. » 3/11/12 12:30pm 3/11/12 12:30pm

The Best Way To Handle A Reporter's Dumb Question Is To Ask Him About…

North Carolina dominated NC State last night, which has become something of a theme. The Wolfpack haven't beaten their I-40 rivals since 2007, so for fan favorite Scott Wood, that's tantamount to never. » 1/27/12 11:00am 1/27/12 11:00am

ESPN's Jenn Brown Doesn't Think Highly Of Bitch Butch Jones

The perils of live sideline reporting are such that even if you catch yourself calling a coach named Butch a bitch (as in, Jones of Cincinnati), a lot of people notice. And giggle. And take video of it and send it in to websites that may or may not post a six-second snippet of said slip. » 9/22/11 10:30pm 9/22/11 10:30pm

NC State's Basketball Coach Will Jump Out Of A Plane And Land At The…

Does someone get this? Because we're not sure we get this. Southeastern college basketball was only recently liberated from the tyranny of Bruce Pearl, its chief coach-mascot, and now it's got another one on its hands. » 9/12/11 3:05pm 9/12/11 3:05pm

Somebody Poisoned The Family Of NC State's Adorable Wolfpack Mascot

Today in animal cruelty and terrible affronts to school pride: someone allegedly poisoned four Tamaskan dogs with familial ties to the N.C. State mascot, Tuffy, in Elizabeth City, N.C. From the News & Observer: » 4/26/11 12:30pm 4/26/11 12:30pm

NC State's C.J. Leslie's Valentine's Day Poem About Hooking Up Is…

Don't ask how, but we got our hands on one of NC State freshman star forward C.J. Leslie's class assignments. It's spectacular. It must be shared with the world. » 2/17/11 1:40pm 2/17/11 1:40pm

The Oregon Ducks Image Rehab Tour Commences

DE Terrell Turner carried his infirm neighbor up the stairs. It's nothing worth canonizing, but after the example set by his Duck teammates, he may as well be Oskar Schindler. » 3/24/10 2:00am 3/24/10 2:00am