Storrs Is Rioting After UConn Win

Well, here we are again. Another victorious college, another burning college. The kids in Storrs have gone crazy after UConn beat Kentucky Monday night and they've ripped down a lamp post and thrown it through a school building's window. There are fires, flipped cars, and people climbing things they shouldn't be… » 4/08/14 1:50am 4/08/14 1:50am

Kemba Walker Made Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Wear A UConn Shirt

Walker and Kidd-Gilchrist are Bobcats teammates, but tonight they were adversaries. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was one of Coach Cal's one-and-doners and Kemba Walker is a UConn guy. So they got together to watch the game and apparently made a friendly wager that Kidd-Gilchrist clearly lost. That's Walker's number… » 4/08/14 12:15am 4/08/14 12:15am

Shabazz Napier On Winning: "This Is What Happens When You Ban Us"

Shabazz Napier had some parting shots for the NCAA following his MVP-esque performance in defeat of the Kentucky Wildcats for the NCAA Championship. Before his interview with Jim Nantz even began, Napier asked for everyone's attention and introduced the "Hungry Huskies" and told the world how pissed off they were… » 4/07/14 11:52pm 4/07/14 11:52pm

UConn Wins NCAA Championship

Shabazz Napier had 22 points on 8-16 shooting and was named the most outstanding player of the Final Four after UConn's 60-54 win over Kentucky in the NCAA title game. The Huskies became the first No. 7 seed to win the NCAA Tournament. » 4/07/14 11:34pm 4/07/14 11:34pm

Alex Poythress Shows No Ill Effects From Leg Injured In Celebration

Following Kentucky's win over Wisconsin Saturday night, Alex Poythress looked to suffer a pretty painful leg injury. He got himself stuck at the bottom of a celebratory pile-up on the court, and twisted his leg and was in obvious pain. By the look of things tonight, all seems to be OK. » 4/07/14 9:59pm 4/07/14 9:59pm

Here's A Picture Of Rick Pitino's New Tattoo

Pitino promised us that he would get a tattoo to commemorate his team's 2013 championship run, and he has followed through on that promise. It's a perfectly fine tattoo, I guess. Although we were hoping for something with a little more oomph. » 4/26/13 10:38am 4/26/13 10:38am

UConn: The Unappreciated Cinderella

All the talk yesterday was about Butler's Cinderella run to its second consecutive NCAA final, and much of the talk afterward was how disappointing it was to see the Bulldogs fall short again, and in such hideous fashion. » 4/05/11 3:50pm 4/05/11 3:50pm

Your NCAA Champion Kansas Jayhawks

You have to admire a national championship game in which most of the final possessions late in regulation are fast breaks. In a relentlessly entertaining national championship game, the Kansas Jayhawks win their first national championship in 20 years. Bill Self gets his title, and Mario Chalmers secures his place in… » 4/07/08 11:50pm 4/07/08 11:50pm