Kentucky Monitors Athletes' Social Media Accounts For Sports Agents' Names

Just in case you thought the whole creepy social media monitoring thing was starting to die down, it's not. Back in May, we got a glimpse into LSU's use of a social media monitoring company called UDiligence, where athletes were already being monitored for the use of hundreds of hilarious trigger words related to… »8/20/12 7:06pm8/20/12 7:06pm


The NCAA Is Using Penn State To Justify Its Own Horrid Existence

OK, first of all, you people at the NCAA are gutless shitbags. I know you're probably spending this morning in an Indianapolis conference room patting each other on the back and tugging each other's cocks and ordering EXTRA Einstein bagels for everyone for a job well done (why not, you've got $60 million in… »7/23/12 10:30am7/23/12 10:30am

"Ass Ranger" To "Zoomies": The Complete List Of Things College Athletes Can't Say On Social Media

For much more about companies that monitor college athletes on social media, read our main story. »5/24/12 2:31pm5/24/12 2:31pm

This is the master spreadsheet for trigger words that UDiligence, a social-media monitoring service, provides to all its client universities. (We obtained the spreadsheet from LSU through an open records request.). In… »5/24/12 2:31pm5/24/12 2:31pm

Don't Say "Colt 45" Or "Pearl Necklace": How To Avoid Being Busted By The Facebook Cops Of College Sports

In March, we learned a little about the cottage industry that has sprung up around monitoring the Twitter and Facebook accounts of college athletes. Six of the schools that appeared in this year's men's Elite Eight have contracts with companies that track what the athletes are doing on social media. So do other major… »5/24/12 2:30pm5/24/12 2:30pm

UNC's Star Wide Receiver Wants To Violate A Bunch Of NCAA Rules For His Birthday

Dwight Jones is North Carolina's leading receiver this season, heading into the Tar Heels' Independence Bowl matchup with Missouri with more than 1,100 yards and 11 touchdown receptions on the season. The senior is projected to be a second- or third-rounder in the upcoming NFL draft. Thus, it's understandable that… »12/19/11 11:15am12/19/11 11:15am

Is This Petition The Beginning Of An Athlete Revolt Against The NCAA?

More than 300 football and men's basketball players from major, Division I NCAA programs have added their names to a petition drawn up and circulated by the National College Players Association (NCPA), which is headed by a former UCLA linebacker named Ramogi Hamu. The NCPA solicited player support from five major… »10/25/11 11:55am10/25/11 11:55am

Anyone Care What David Brooks Has To Say About Amateurism And The NCAA?

Other than the fact that Upmarket Jeff Foxworthy somehow believes there was once a time of chivalric amateurism, and other than the part where he relishes the supposed irony of lefties advocating capitalism-friendly reform (Saul Alinsky and Marvin Miller would like a word) and also the part where he writes, "College… »9/23/11 2:06pm9/23/11 2:06pm

Who's Smart And Good At Football? Presenting Your AP-U.S. News Scholar-Athlete Rankings

Is there any body in American higher education more unaccountable and capricious with other people's lives and millions of dollars than the BCS? Why, sure! This week brings a new round of made-up educational rankings from the otherwise essentially defunct U.S. News. (Did you know that No. 22 Boston University Law… »9/16/11 4:45pm9/16/11 4:45pm

Great Moments In NCAA Hypocrisy: How Penn State Defended Its Integrity, Seven Years After It Sold Out (Updated)

There is too much amazing material in Taylor Branch's Atlantic piece about the NCAA for us to handle it all at once, so we're just going to keep pulling shiny gems from the treasure trove whenever a new one catches our eye. So: The piece begins with a scene in 2001 where legendary shoe-company fixer Sonny Vaccaro… »9/14/11 6:45pm9/14/11 6:45pm

Your Study Guide To The Atlantic's Massive, Withering Story About The Wretchedness Of The NCAA

If you read one piece of sports journalism this week, it should be The Atlantic magazine's huge cover story by Taylor Branch, a Pulitzer-Prize-winning civil rights historian. Branch isn't doing much new by calling out the NCAA as a morally defective institution—a "classic cartel...[that] presides over a vast,… »9/14/11 10:30am9/14/11 10:30am

Millionaire Or Pauper: What Are College Athletes Worth?

There's a report out today that says college athletes are underpaid, and you should probably ignore it. Reading a study from the National College Players Association saying that college athletes should get more money is like reading a study from the NCAA saying student-athletes should never be paid and should thank… »9/13/11 4:00pm9/13/11 4:00pm