Speech Competition Punctuated With Kid Blowing Chunks On Medal Stand

This happened at last week's Nebraska state speech championships, and we are so glad that it did. We don't know the identity of the kid fire-hosing the remnants of his turkey sandwich all over his hands and feet, but we do know that he is a hero. Because of him, we may now enjoy the world's first perfect photo. »4/04/14 9:28am4/04/14 9:28am


A Good Cry: How Alexander Payne Became The Auteur Of The Male Weepie

My favorite Alexander Payne movie is always going to be Election. His 1999 satire—about a high school teacher (Matthew Broderick) who makes it his mission to ensure that the ambitious Tracy Flick (a never-better Reese Witherspoon) fails to win her election for class president—wasn't just incredibly, darkly funny but… »11/13/13 6:18pm11/13/13 6:18pm

The 10 Films I'm Most Excited To See At The Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival, which kicks off on Wednesday, is the year's premier film festival, the launching pad in recent years for celebrated movies like The Tree of Life, No Country for Old Men, The Artist, Amour, Holy Motors and Inglourious Basterds. It's funny that Cannes takes place just as summer movie season is… »5/13/13 5:56pm5/13/13 5:56pm

Al Capone Once Got A Motorcade Escort Into The Northwestern-Nebraska Game

Today Nebraska and Northwestern play their sixth game in a rivalry that began in 1902. As the Huskers are a recent refugee to the Big Ten, this will be the first trip for Nebraska to Evanston since October 1931. Among the spectators in that game, according to this delightful clipping the Northwestern University… »10/20/12 5:00pm10/20/12 5:00pm