Report: Former Pro Bowl Defensive Lineman Neil Smith, 46, Suing The NFL For Concussion-Related Fraud, Misrepresentation And Negligence

Neil Smith, a six-time Pro Bowl selection at defensive end who played eight years for the Chiefs, three for the Broncos and one for the Chargers, is suing the NFL in federal court for misrepresentation and negligence. Smith seeks sanctions against the NFL and damages for memory-loss, cognitive impairment and early… »12/30/12 12:05pm12/30/12 12:05pm


Former New York Rangers GM Neil Smith Wants The World To Know He Doesn't Suck "Nearly As Good As You"

Neil Smith, most famous for constructing the Edmonton Oilers Version 2.0 while the general manager of the Rangers during the glory days of the mid nineties, is still alive! So alive in fact, that he is causing trouble on Twitter. His handle, for the curious few is @bigdealneil94. Big deal. Neil. 94. »1/28/12 7:07pm1/28/12 7:07pm