Report: Terrorists Wanted To Hit Germany-Netherlands Match With 5-Bomb Attack

According to a report in German paper Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, the impetus for canceling Tuesday’s Germany-Netherlands soccer match was a specific threat, discovered by French authorities, that a terrorist group had targeted the event with a coordinated attack involving five bombs. »Friday 12:47pm11/20/15 12:47pm


Netherlands Player Busts Her Ass While Whiffing On Shot

We should be talking about this great run and the exquisite pass and maybe one of the best team moves in the tournament so far, but right before Dutch winger Manon Melis could crown the moment with a goal, she screwed it all up. More than whatever turf-burn she got from the fall, her bruised ego has to hurt the most. »6/23/15 10:26pm6/23/15 10:26pm

This Dutch Goal And Ecstatic Celebration Are Why We Watch The World Cup

The Netherlands were one of our favorites of the longshots coming into this tournament, their first ever World Cup, for a number of reasons. Their underdog status, their paltry history, the sudden boom of young talent once the country began to prioritize the women’s game, their expressive style of play—it all combined… »6/16/15 12:30pm6/16/15 12:30pm


Right now I couldn’t care less if this was some pointless post-season friendly (and it really wasn’t, both on the USMNT’s end, who want to prove themselves against the world’s best, and for the Netherlands, who wanted to use this as a warmup for next week’s crucial Euro 2016 qualifier), and sure, the home team did »6/05/15 4:44pm6/05/15 4:44pm

Finally, A Netherlands Women's Team That Lives Up To The Name

One of the most enjoyable things about international soccer is the way you can notice various stylistic through-lines. Each nation has its particular soccer heritage—sometimes a broad affinity for a certain type of athlete, other times a specific formation or tactical ideology—and how this in turn manifests itself… »6/03/15 11:24am6/03/15 11:24am

Irish Comedy Show Pokes Fun At Brazil-Netherlands Match With "Highlight"

Après Match is a comedy show on Irish station RTÉ that mocks various soccer commentators from Ireland and Great Britain. (Here's more of their stuff; it's amusing!) Yesterday, the crew found their "Great Dutch Play" from the third-place World Cup match between Brazil and the Netherlands, and the highlight got… »7/13/14 2:04pm7/13/14 2:04pm

Match Mercifully Ends; Netherlands Beat Brazil 3-0

We know, lady. We know. This...this was not a good match. The Netherlands took out what little air was in this match almost immediately and then tacked on a meaningless third goal in added time, which we're not even bothering to GIF because, fuck it, this was a game for third place. Good news, Netherlands! You came in… »7/12/14 6:19pm7/12/14 6:19pm

Netherlands Take Early 2-0 Lead Over Brazil

For a team whose coach wanted absolutely nothing to do with this glorified exhibition match, the Dutch have come out firing. A streaking Robben earned an early penalty in the second minute when Thiago Silva yanked his shoulder as he galloped toward the goal. Robin van Persie confidently hit the top corner to give the… »7/12/14 4:49pm7/12/14 4:49pm

Blocked Dutch Penalty Almost Trickles In While Goalkeeper Celebrates

Oh man. Oh man, oh man, oh man. This would have been such a ridiculous thing. Sergio Romero made two saves in Argentina's win over the Netherlands and this is the first one, on the day's first attempt, from Ron Vlaar. In this video first flagged by Slate, we see another angle that shows Romero making the initial… »7/12/14 12:43pm7/12/14 12:43pm

How The World's Best Player Finally Won Over His Home Country

If there was one defining moment to memorialize what might be the tournament that solidifies Lionel Messi's place as the greatest soccer player of all time, it was the few seconds after he scored the game-winning goal in Argentina's first group stage match. The shot itself was a sign of what was to come—not just the… »7/10/14 3:38pm7/10/14 3:38pm

Robben Almost Strikes Again; Netherlands And Costa Rica Go To Extra Time

Robben went down very easily on this run—though perhaps he took a tiny shot to the pelotas?—and earned the Netherlands a free kick late in the game. Costa Rica were immediately unimpressed and called it a dive, but the ref showed yellow, anyway. Wesley Sneijder stepped up to take the shot and blasted it off the… »7/05/14 6:08pm7/05/14 6:08pm