Report: Predatory UNH Basketball Staffer Often Recorded Naked Players

Scott Weitzell, a staffer on the New Hampshire men's basketball team, was accused in February of 2014 of secretly taking photos of players in the locker room after a game. He was fired a few days later, and when police searched his house, he attempted to destroy evidence. At the time, Weitzell received a suspended… »3/27/15 2:07pm3/27/15 2:07pm


Pumpkin Fest Lady, TV Reporter Wrestle Over Mic Live On Air

Independent journalist Jared Goodell covered the riots (along with other events) at this year's Pumpkin Fest in Keene, N.H., and at one point during his broadcast, festival organizer Ruth Sterling tried to cut him off in attempt to let everyone know that all was well. Witness the symbolism of BIG PUMPKIN FEST… »10/20/14 11:39am10/20/14 11:39am

Man With Patriots Helmet Tattoo Arrested On Synthetic Weed Charges

You may remember Victor Thompson, the man with a Patriots helmet tattooed on his head, from back in 2012. I interviewed him a few days before the Patriots played the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI, since he lived roughly 20 minutes from me in New Hampshire. Thompson was in jail at the time for willful concealment, and it… »10/10/14 11:47am10/10/14 11:47am

Matt Bonner Brings Larry O'Brien Trophy To New Hampshire For A Day

San Antonio Spurs bench player Matt Bonner is one of the few active athletes New Hampshire can boast about. (Sam Fuld's the other big name on that list, which should tell you something.) The Red Mamba grew up in Concord and played for the high school's basketball team, and look at him now, a two-time NBA champion! »7/21/14 2:41pm7/21/14 2:41pm

Old Dominion QB Taylor Heinicke Threw For 730 Yards Today, A D-I Record

Today in Norfolk, Va., a freakin' sophomore quarterback named Taylor Heinicke threw a football 79 times to lead Old Dominion past New Hampshire 64-61. His receivers caught 55 of those passes. Between Heinicke and those receivers, they moved the ball 730 yards via the air. That ridiculous number is a Division I record… »9/22/12 6:11pm9/22/12 6:11pm

New Hampshire Salutes World Champion Bruins In Most New Hampshire Way Possible: With A Corn Maze

This is a 12-acre corn maze at Sherman Farm in idyllic Conway, N.H., where the farmers live free or die and also have too much time on their hands. Their work has gotten some press, and the folks at Sherman Farm are rather astounded by the reaction. After Puck Daddy picked up the story earlier today, the farm's social… »8/25/11 1:45pm8/25/11 1:45pm

Dick Vitale Is Not The Dick Vitale That's Been Slandering Superintendent Nelson In The Conway Daily Sun

A few things to clear up, America: ESPN's Dick Vitale has never been to North Conway, New Hampshire, and he harbors no resentment for the Conway School District superintendent, Carl Nelson. This contention was at long last cleared up last week, when Lorraine Vitale did a standard Google search for her husband's name… »6/16/11 1:30pm6/16/11 1:30pm