We Made Political Ads To Attack "Lifelong" Cowboys Fan Chris Christie

New Jersey governor Chris Christie will be at Lambeau Field today to cheer on the Dallas Cowboys alongside his pal Jerry Jones. Christie's Cowboys enthusiasm is already costing him political capital, so former ad-man Drew Magary cobbled together scripts for the inevitable attack ads that will follow the governor's… » 1/11/15 12:00pm 1/11/15 12:00pm

Jerry Jones And Chris Christie Enjoy Passionate, Slow Motion Embrace

Cowboys fans around the globe celebrated the team's controversial comeback win over the Lions yesterday, and no Dallas fan is bigger than Chris Christie. » 1/05/15 10:30am 1/05/15 10:30am

Sayreville Superintendent May Shut Down Football Program For Years

Sayreville, N.J. District Superintendent Richard Labbe says the future of the multiple state championship-winning football team is in doubt following the arrest of seven players on charges they sexually abused younger players in a gruesome hazing ritual. » 10/13/14 10:15am 10/13/14 10:15am

Details Emerge Of Sayreville Football Locker Room Sexual Abuse Hazing

NJ Advance Media revealed last night some of the details of alleged locker room sexual abuse that resulted in seven Sayreville War Memorial High School players being arrested on Friday and brought police to the home of a four-star Penn State recruit. » 10/12/14 9:00am 10/12/14 9:00am

Sayreville Football Players Charged With Locker Room Sexual Assaults

NJ.com reports tonight that seven Sayreville War Memorial High School football players are facing charges due to a series of alleged sexual assaults on four victims in the locker room. » 10/10/14 10:55pm 10/10/14 10:55pm

Report: N.J. High School Football Players Sexually Assaulted Freshmen

Sayreville (N.J.) Superintendent of Schools Richard Labbe cancelled Sayreville War Memorial High School's football season Monday amid claims of hazing, though the details were unknown. But a parent of a Sayreville player talked to NJ.com today, and what happened sounds horrific and inhumane. » 10/08/14 5:04pm 10/08/14 5:04pm

Video: New Jersey Teen Uses a T-Shirt For a Zip Line, Breaks Leg

A New Jersey teenager recently lived out every one of your anxieties about zip lining when he tried to use a t-shirt as a pulley and ended up with a broken leg. » 8/28/14 8:43pm 8/28/14 8:43pm

Look at This Bear Walking Around New Jersey Like He's a Human

In the video above, a black bear wanders a quiet suburban New Jersey neighborhood on his two hind legs, pausing only to peek into a trash can just like a New Jersey person would. "No good trash in there!" the bear probably said to himself before walking off into the woods. Great job, bear. [UPDATE: We now have more… » 8/06/14 3:03pm 8/06/14 3:03pm

Bear Cub Rescued After Getting Head Stuck in Cookie Jar

A bear cub who had his sights set on some delicious cookies got into quite a struggle on Friday when his stupid bear head got stuck in an animal cracker jar. The bear was in New Jersey, where the cookies are good and the bears are hungry. » 7/01/14 5:19pm 7/01/14 5:19pm

Tracy Morgan In Critical Condition After 6-Car Accident on NJ Turnpike

Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan is in critical condition after his limo bus was involved in a six-car accident on the New Jersey Turnpike early Saturday morning, according to state police. One person was killed and four others are in critical condition. » 6/07/14 8:39am 6/07/14 8:39am

Police: Ex-High School Wrestler Steals Beach Cart, Assaults Five People

Lukas Iorio, a former champion wrestler from Bergen Catholic High School (N.J.), was arrested Sunday for an alleged Jersey Shore beach cart rampage that totaled at 13 charges against him and at least five fights. » 5/28/14 11:57pm 5/28/14 11:57pm

Taking The Train To The Super Bowl Is A Disaster

This is what happens when you don't let people drive to a football game. Thousands are trying to get to MetLife Stadium for the Super Bowl and since the NFL made less than half the total parking spaces available for the game, won't let you walk to the game and will turn around most cabs, the only practical options… » 2/02/14 4:28pm 2/02/14 4:28pm

The Secret Machine War Against Snow Taking Place at the Super Bowl

A war is brewing between machines and snow, and its battle tactics are being studied—rehearsed, practiced, mapped, rerun, and mastered—in the vast parking lot of New Jersey's MetLife Stadium, home of Super Bowl XLVIII. » 12/19/13 4:17pm 12/19/13 4:17pm

A New York City Transit Map Custom-Made for the Super Bowl

With the Super Bowl now less than two months away—Groundhog Day!—the disparate mass transit organizations around New York City are gearing up for more than 400,000 new visitors. And what do out of towners always need in New York? They need maps. Beautiful, useful maps. » 12/10/13 3:50pm 12/10/13 3:50pm

13 N.J. T.G.I. Fridays, Among Others, Busted For Selling Phony Booze

Nothin' like a scotch-on-the-rocks to make up for a hard day at the office. On second thought, there isn't anything like it if you aren't drinking at a T.G.I. Fridays (or an establishment of similar repute) in New Jersey. If that is where you drink your scotch, there is indeed something like it, according to state… » 5/24/13 1:08pm 5/24/13 1:08pm

Blind Boston Marathoner Saved By Running Guide With Cramps

Many times after a tragedy like Monday's in Boston, accounts of fortuitous near-misses begin to trickle down through the press. This is one of those accounts. » 4/20/13 5:00pm 4/20/13 5:00pm

Five New Jersey Mayors Are Threatening To Withhold Police And Emergency…

Many a lame observation has been made about the likelihood that next year's Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium will be ruined by bad weather like the stuff we've got now. It's silly. Rare is the storm that dumps a foot of snow on the New York metropolitan area, and rarer still is the football fan that would be turned off… » 2/09/13 5:00pm 2/09/13 5:00pm

The Ravens Kicking Coach Is Already Mayor Of One New Jersey Town, Wants…

Randy Brown has been the mayor of Evesham Township in New Jersey since 2007, and the Baltimore Ravens kicking coach since 2008. Brown was once kicking coach of the Chicago Bears, a consultant with the Eagles, and has run a kicking camp. In his tenure with the Ravens, punter Sam Koch has set and beat single-season… » 2/02/13 12:15pm 2/02/13 12:15pm