Eliminating Kickoffs Would Ruin Football, According To A Kicker And A Kick Return Specialist

Yesterday, we discussed the possibility that the NFL will do away with kickoffs and instead institute a punt-or-4th-and-long option. On its face, the idea seems logical, maybe even preferable, if not necessarily a top-priority reform. The NFL can frame it as an issue of player safety, but truthfully, the increasing… »12/08/12 10:30am12/08/12 10:30am


Roger Goodell Is Thinking About Eliminating Kickoffs. How Would It Affect NFL Offenses?

Before we start laughing at Roger Goodell's idea—by way of Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano—of eliminating kickoffs and replacing them with punts, let's first analyze what this would mean for the game. The suggestion would work like this: Instead of kicking off after a score or to start a half of play, teams would be… »12/07/12 4:00pm12/07/12 4:00pm