Know Your GIF: This ad-libbed slapping of Hugo the Hornet actually happened six years ago

This is the perfect GIF gag. From the setup (Look out! Somebody warn him there’s a human in that blow-up mascot!) to the action (Boo! JESUS CHRIST! Haha! He fell!) to the reaction (Guy quickly recovers, realizes he still has a blunt object in his right hand, uses it as weapon) to the aftermath (Guy coolly walks away… »10/22/15 9:52pm10/22/15 9:52pm


The Charlotte NBA Team Might Rather Be The Hornets Again

During its short 25 years in the NBA, the Hornets moniker has proven to be the league's Johnny Cash — it's been everywhere, man. Born in Charlotte, transplanted to New Orleans in 2001, bivouacked in Oklahoma City for two post-Katrina seasons, back to New Orleans for the past six seasons, then banished to the Island of… »5/18/13 1:10pm5/18/13 1:10pm

With Their Name Change Looming, The New Orleans Hornets Have Also Trademarked "Rougarou," "Mosquitos," "Swamp Dogs," And "Bullsharks"

It is, by now, established that if and when the New Orleans Hornets change their name to the Pelicans, they'll have one of the best mascots in the league. Feisty, local, unique—its got everything you'd want in a mascot, and the Pelicans will rocket to the top of the standings based on their team name alone. New… »12/22/12 11:30am12/22/12 11:30am

Report: The New Orleans Hornets Will Soon Become The New Orleans Pelicans

Marc J. Spears says it, so it must be so: The New Orleans Hornets will soon become the New Orleans Pelicans. It's a nice little name, and it's battle-tested—the New Orleans baseball Pelicans existed most every season from 1887 until 1959—so it won't soon reek of turn-of-the-century-futurespeak like "Heat," "Thunder,"… »12/04/12 7:15pm12/04/12 7:15pm

Rasheed Wallace Yells "Ball Don't Lie" Because Sheed Likes To Yell Things

The absolute best conceit in basketball is there is some sort of cosmic justice. If a player makes an undeserved trip to the line on a ticky-tack foul, the telltale ball will betray the shooter. This worked to perfection last night, as Rasheed Wallace—the chattiest player in the game—felt he was done an injustice… »11/21/12 12:55pm11/21/12 12:55pm

Hornets Coach Monty Williams Hates The Sound Of His Own Complaining About Concussions

Last Friday, Hornets rookie sensation Anthony Davis suffered a mild concussion after taking an elbow to the head from his teammate, Austin Rivers. As a precaution, Davis was not allowed to fly with his team to Chicago on Saturday. Hornets coach Monty Williams was not happy about that, and expressed his displeasure in… »11/05/12 3:05pm11/05/12 3:05pm

A Hornets Executive Somehow Flew Out Of New Orleans With A Loaded Handgun

As anyone who's flown anywhere in the last decade or so knows, flying can be a pain in the ass. So many restrictions on what you can and can't bring, not to mention that dreary routine of removing your belt and shoes and the loaded .38 that's registered under your wife's name. Unless you're the Hornets VP for event… »10/02/12 5:10pm10/02/12 5:10pm

The New Orleans Hornets Will Pick First In The 2012 NBA Draft

The New Orleans Hornets, currently owned by the NBA and soon to be owned by Saints owner Tom Benson, will select first in the 2012 NBA Draft (most likely choosing Kentucky forward Anthony Davis). The Charlotte Bobcats, which had the worst winning percenatge in NBA history this past season, will pick second, and the… »5/30/12 8:30pm5/30/12 8:30pm

The Most Unwanted Tickets Of The NBA Season Were In New Orleans

Now that the NBA's regular season is over, it's time to wrap-up our analysis of NBA tickets that had the least demand. Once again, we turned to Will Flaherty, the director of communications for SeatGeek, the online ticket search engine that compiles data from hundreds of resellers. This time, Flaherty took a look at… »4/27/12 5:15pm4/27/12 5:15pm

Reggie Evans Was Not Elbowed By Metta World Peace, But He Flopped Like He Was

The Hornets' Greivis Vasquez was initially whistled for a Flagrant Foul 2 for what he did here to Reggie Evans after Evans set a hard screen on him at midcourt. But the call was changed to a plain old personal foul against Vasquez after a video review proved Evans was more James Franco than James Harden. »4/23/12 11:05am4/23/12 11:05am

Samuel L. Jackson Announced The Clippers-Hornets Starting Lineups With A Pulp Fiction Theme

The New Orleans Hornets welcomed Chris Paul back to the Crescent City with pomp and circumstance, including inviting actor Samuel L. Jackson to perform a take as his Jules Winnfield character from Pulp Fiction in doing the introductions. It wasn't exceptionally interesting after his Ezekiel 25:17 passage, and in… »3/22/12 9:19pm3/22/12 9:19pm

It Is Entirely Possible That Chris Kaman Killed This Cat Just To Make A Point About The Schedule

Kaman and the Hornets are playing the Bobcats tonight. So naturally Kaman took to Twitter to pose with a dead bobcat. This requires a very important question, any answer to which leads to further questions: where did he get a dead bobcat? Did he borrow it from a friend? Did he already have it in his freezer? Did he… »3/12/12 3:40pm3/12/12 3:40pm