The Warriors Gives Us The Best Fantasy Version Of NYC Ever Filmed

When Bill de Blasio was running for the New York mayor’s office a few years ago, Matt Drudge expressed the fear that de Blasio’s New York would look like the great 1979 gang movie The Warriors. The obvious retort to that: Wouldn’t that make you want to vote for de Blasio? Who wouldn’t want to live in the New York of …

American Secrets: New York City

"American Secrets: New York City" is an audiovisual attempt at reckoning with Stop and Frisk, gentrification, and coming of age New York City by three young American artists (two emcees, one graphic designer) and their Mayor. The song and video embedded above deal with these hard questions; the lyrics are pasted below.


The Yankees' Parking Company Is In Default Because, As It Turns Out, People Take The Subway To Yankees' Games

Yesterday we brought you a screenshot of the half-empty stands inside of Yankee Stadium a good half hour after the first pitch of Game 5 of the Yankee-Orioles series. New York's transportation system is uniquely—how should we put it—clusterfuck-y around rush hour, and eventually the stadium did fill up, once New…