Nine Reasons Wilson Kipsang Won The NYC Marathon And You Didn't

On a cold and crazy-windy day, 32-year-old Wilson Kipsang of Kenya cruised through the five boroughs of New York City for 26 miles, and still had the presence of mind to provide spectators an edge-of-the-couch, hollering-hoarse, mano-a-mano throwdown in the last quarter mile. He edged out Ethiopia's Lelisa Desisa… » 11/04/14 5:04pm 11/04/14 5:04pm

This Evening: Watch A Couple Get Married While Running The NYC Marathon

Your p.m. roundup for Nov. 7, the day we forgot to bid on John Lennon's rotten tooth. Video via Buzzfeed. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors. » 11/07/11 7:50pm 11/07/11 7:50pm

The Woozy, Barfy Aftermath Of The New York City Marathon: A Video

The finish line at the New York City marathon is a strange place to be: There is a general air of triumph, of course, but physical despair and agony nearly overshadows it. Yesterday in Central Park, there was stumbling. There was vomiting. There were tears, and they were not always tears of joy. And there were lots… » 11/07/11 11:40am 11/07/11 11:40am

The Woozy, Loogie-Hocking Aftermath Of The New York City Marathon: A…

Finishing a marathon is an amazing accomplishment. It is also, as that David Fleming story reminded us, a rather dehumanizing and soul-crushing endeavor. As far as we know, the New York City Marathon was poop-free this year, but wobble-free? Not at all. » 11/08/10 6:50pm 11/08/10 6:50pm

American Who Won NYC Marathon Isn't American Enough For Some People

American Meb Keflezighi won the New York City Marathon yesterday, which seemed pretty cool until a couple of wet blankets came along to remind everyone he's only "technically" American. » 11/02/09 4:30pm 11/02/09 4:30pm

Forget Your Race; We Need A Pulitzer Shot

We had an excellent front-row seat for the New York City Marathon on Sunday, where we saw Lance Armstrong surrounded by photographers and a bunch of pace-setting rabbits (which is supposedly against the rules, but whatever), a few people in wacky costumes and, sadly, no one with bleeding nipples. Well, at least not in… » 11/07/06 2:45pm 11/07/06 2:45pm