The Timberwolves Signed A Guy Because He Was Nearby

The closest race in the NBA is at the bottom, where Minnesota and New York are neck and neck for the league's worst record—and the best shot at the No. 1 overall draft pick—with Philly and Los Angeles not far ahead. Last night's T-Wolves/Knicks tangle at MSG had the feel of a championship game—a poorly played, poorly… » 3/20/15 9:08am 3/20/15 9:08am

Knicks Player Accidentally Does Something Good

The Knicks experienced a rare moment of good fortune in Sunday's game against the Suns, when Alexey Shved threw up a no-look shot in an attempt to draw a foul from Archie Goodwin. Somehow, the ball went in, giving Shved the chance at a three-point play. » 3/16/15 11:03am 3/16/15 11:03am

This Knicks-Lakers Game Is A War Crime

We might be in the NBA's Belle Époque, but this 15 second sequence is the lowest moment in NBA history. These two shots are crimes against humanity. If you are watching the Knicks-Lakers game please hit yourself in the face, and then instead watch the Cavaliers and Spurs on TNT. » 3/12/15 11:44pm 3/12/15 11:44pm

Jason Smith's Dancing Is The Only Redeeming Thing About The Knicks

The Knicks are bullshit and should be ignored at all costs, but we can make an exception for power forward Jason Smith, who in this video busts out a series of dance moves at an energy level of a Pixie Stick-addled kid who just watched Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. » 3/03/15 4:07pm 3/03/15 4:07pm

Anthony Mason Was From The Future

We'll mostly remember Anthony Mason for toughness, the way that we remember the Riley-era Knicks teams on which he made his reputation. Which, fine. He got in fights, on- and off-court; he deployed his elbows and extra-large ass with abandon and occasional malice; he glowered and wheedled and provoked, the way NBA… » 3/02/15 12:01pm 3/02/15 12:01pm

This Is The Worst Shot I've Ever Seen

The above GIF features one of the 400 or so best basketball players in a world earnestly attempting to make a shot—I think—in a real live basketball game that counted in the standings and everything. It went about 20 feet too high, 20 feet too deep, and 20 feet too wide, but at least Alexey Shved is out here trying! » 2/28/15 1:14pm 2/28/15 1:14pm

Anthony Mason, who suffered a heart attack two weeks ago, died earlier this morning. Mason began his career in foreign countries and the US minor leagues, but rose to become a key member of the successful Pat Riley-led Knicks teams of the early 1990s. He was 48. [New York Daily News] » 2/28/15 11:08am 2/28/15 11:08am

Justin Bartha Hits On Jill Martin In Weird Sideline Interview

Via Marcia Herold, here's an interview at the Knicks game with Jill Martin and an out-of-it Justin Bartha. (You know, the guy who didn't do anything in The Hangover.) Martin tries to talk about movies, but Bartha takes things his own way. » 2/22/15 2:55pm 2/22/15 2:55pm

Guess Which Former Knick's Travel Alias Was "Ace Boogie"

A tipster passed along this list of travel aliases for Knicks players that was used during the 2012-13 season. When asked to confirm or deny its authenticity, a Knicks spokesperson wrote "I can't confirm it for you." » 2/20/15 12:03am 2/20/15 12:03am

Amar'e Stoudemire Wrote A Cute Goodbye Poem To New York

The Knicks and Amar'e Stoudemire have finally parted ways, bringing an end to what was supposed to be an era of fortune and glory. Amar'e may not have ever lived up to his contract from a production standpoint, but he was a great Knick, as further evidenced by how he said goodbye to the city. » 2/16/15 5:50pm 2/16/15 5:50pm

James Dolan Is Not Sorry About Being A Shitty Person

At a charity event today, Knicks owner James Dolan finally spoke about the email he sent this past Sunday, in which he responded to a lifelong fan's harsh but fair criticism by accusing that fan of being a miserable alcoholic. Unsurprisingly, Dolan is not really all that sorry about being a horrible dick. » 2/13/15 5:23pm 2/13/15 5:23pm

We more or less knew this was coming, but Carmelo Anthony says it's "very likely" that he'll shut it down for the season after a brief appearance in the All-Star Game. The Knicks' tankjob is going swimmingly. » 2/13/15 10:38am 2/13/15 10:38am

Anthony Mason Is In Bad Shape

Former NBA player Anthony Mason, best known for his defense and physical play on those bruising mid-'90s Knicks teams, is reportedly in critical condition after suffering a heart attack, according to multiple media reports. » 2/12/15 8:58am 2/12/15 8:58am

Carmelo Anthony "Getting Close" To Sitting Out The Rest Of The Year

The Knicks lost again last night, with a starting five of Jose Calderon, Langston Galloway, Carmelo Anthony, Jason Smith, and Lou Amundson. Removing Anthony would be like putting a bolt through a broken-down horse's brain. But that's a pretty accurate simile, come to think of it, and it's no less than the Knicks need… » 2/10/15 10:59am 2/10/15 10:59am

David Stern Has James Dolan's Back Too

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has already announced his support for Knicks owner James Dolan, who responded to a letter from an angry 72-year-old fan by telling him he should "try sobriety" and start rooting for the Nets. Silver said that was just Dolan being "a consummate New Yorker," which, as a New Yorker, makes me… » 2/10/15 9:46am 2/10/15 9:46am

NBA Backs Dolan, Says Knicks CEO "Is A Consummate New Yorker" 

The NBA won't discipline Knicks chairman & CEO James Dolan for his ridiculous email response to a longtime fan, with commissioner Adam Silver claiming the Cablevision magnate "is a consummate New Yorker" who "got an unkind email, and responded with an unkind email." » 2/09/15 2:07pm 2/09/15 2:07pm

Dolan: "Start Rooting For The Nets Because The Knicks Don't Want You"

New York Knicks and Cablevision CEO James Dolan lashed out at a lifelong fan over email, suggesting the fan was an alcoholic who should start rooting for the Nets "because the Knicks don't want you." » 2/08/15 10:00am 2/08/15 10:00am