Let's Help New York Magazine Learn to Have Feelings

"How does it feel?" the singer D'Angelo once famously asked. Feelings are elusive things. Yesterday, for instance, in linking to the news that an action figure of the Sexy Convict meme-person exists, New York magazine embedded a subheadline asking "How to feel about this?" » 8/08/14 10:30am 8/08/14 10:30am

One Couch Bunny From A-Rod Photo Is A New York Magazine Intern

One lucky lady just so happened to pick the right weekend to go club-hopping down in the Bahamas. And one lucky magazine just so happens to have her available to comment. » 2/12/09 6:15pm 2/12/09 6:15pm

Sheffield Story Eats Itself

We've been hearing all week about how Yankees outfielder Gary Sheffield is a total whiner and apparently is misquoted as soon as he said something interesting, so we figured we'd just check out this infamous New York Magazine story and find out what the whole rigmarole was about. » 8/08/05 10:26am 8/08/05 10:26am