Assemblyman Who Blocked MMA Legalization In New York (And Once Spoke In A Cerebral Palsy Voice) To Step Down

Good news on the politics front, MMA fans. New York assemblyman Bob Reilly, the human-size deer tick who toiled diligently to prevent MMA from being legalized in New York state, thereby keeping the sport underground and unregulated (not to mention unremunerative for the polis), is stepping down, according to the Times… »3/12/12 4:55pm3/12/12 4:55pm


A Collection Of Literary Gems From The UFC's Lawsuit Against New York

Zuffa, the UFC's parent company, has sued New York officials in an attempt to overturn the state's idiotic ban on MMA, a prohibition that drives the sport underground and exists chiefly because of the efforts of one misguided moralist. Several prominent fighters, including light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and female… »11/17/11 4:20pm11/17/11 4:20pm