Yankees GM Confirms Team Won't Pay Alex Rodriguez His Home Run Bonus

Alex Rodriguez hit his 660th career home run Friday, tying Willie Mays for fifth on the all-time list. And for the first time this season, Yankees GM Brian Cashman has confirmed the team won’t pay A-Rod his $6 million bonus for the milestone, a bonus which was written into the contract Rodriguez signed in 2007. » 5/02/15 6:55pm 5/02/15 6:55pm

Alex Rodriguez Wonders How The Yankees Will Celebrate His Next Home Run

After homering in last night’s 6-4 win over the Mets, Alex Rodriguez is now one home run away from tying Willie Mays for fourth all-time, one home run away from a legal battle with the Yankees over the $6 million they owe him and don’t want to pay. A-Rod, if only by dint of finding a larger villain, has become the… » 4/27/15 12:47pm 4/27/15 12:47pm

Barry Bonds Says It's Insane That Anyone Isn't Rooting For A-Rod

Barry Bonds’s comments in this great USA Today article on how he’s rooting for Alex Rodriguez could easily be read as a bit of projection. When Bonds asks how MLB and baseball fans could possibly ever root against one of its greatest players achieving something great, it’s a question I’m sure he’s asked himself many… » 4/13/15 10:26am 4/13/15 10:26am

David Ortiz Greets Jacoby Ellsbury: "Hey, Rich Bitch"

David Ortiz took a second to mess with a couple of his former teammates, as the Yankees clobbered the Red Sox last night. Big Papi wiggled his fingers at Stephen Drew and called out to Jacoby Ellsbury with a “Hey, rich bitch!”—likely a reference to the 7-year, $153 million contract that lured Ellsbury to New York.
» 4/13/15 10:12am 4/13/15 10:12am

11 Things Longer Than Last Night's Sox-Yanks Game But That Felt Shorter

Last night’s offensively-, technologically-, and spermatozoaically-deficient 19-inning Red Sox-Yankees game officially clocked in at 6:49, but in reality the broadcast with festivities, anthems, et cetera lasted around seven hours. For viewers, though, the slogging despair of watching the longest Red Sox game in… » 4/11/15 9:48am 4/11/15 9:48am

Red Sox-Yankees Misery Extended Further By Power Outage

The anguish that is watching a Red Sox-Yankees game proved especially torturous in the Bronx tonight as a game already in its fifth hour came to a 15-minute delay as lights all over Yankee Stadium suddenly fell silent, as if they had been, like the modicum of remaining fans, literally bored to death. » 4/10/15 11:34pm 4/10/15 11:34pm

Jimmy Fallon Chugs Beer At Yankees Game

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon found his way to some primo seats at Yankee Stadium for tonight’s bout between the Bronx Bombers and Toronto, and took some time out in the bottom of the seventh inning to chug a beer—much to the delight of everyone watching. Sure, it’s a silly stunt. But you’d do it too, if you had the… » 4/10/15 12:52am 4/10/15 12:52am