Who Shot Battling Siki? The Life And Murder Of A Prizefighter

Originally published in 1949 in The New Yorker and anthologized in The World of John Lardner. Reprinted with permission of Susan Lardner. For more on John Lardner, read Alex Belth's introduction to a new Lardner collection, Southwest Passage. » 6/18/13 1:50pm 6/18/13 1:50pm

Everything That's Wrong With Monday Night Football, In One New Yorker

There's a long profile of Jon Gruden in this week's New Yorker, which, frankly, is a little like opening up Guns & Ammo and finding a profile of Noam Chomsky, but there it is nonetheless, a zillion finely wrought words about this guy. Two passages are worth noting. » 12/08/11 2:15pm 12/08/11 2:15pm