The Uncomfortable Middle: Our 2015-16 Premier League Preview, Pt. 2

For the American sports fan, following soccer means a reorientation about what constitutes success. With the success of the top teams reinforced by Champions League appearances and an enhanced global profile, there is a virtuous cycle to being good that makes it even harder to break into the top. At the other end,… »8/06/15 5:47pm8/06/15 5:47pm


Bass Ale Sucks; Drink One Of These Instead

It can’t be good for any beer blogger’s soggy soul to start the week by putting the word “sucks” in a headline, so I’ll try to remedy that by sharing some happy brewski news I heard yesterday afternoon: It seems that yet another new brewery is coming to my area. Everett, Mass., a lovable if not quite lovely suburb of… »5/18/15 5:14pm5/18/15 5:14pm

Rival Fans Pay Tribute To Newcastle Fans On Plane Shot Down Over Ukraine

John Alder and Liam Sweeney were two Newcastle United superfans among the 298 listed passengers flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, which was shot down near the Ukraine-Russia border. They were headed to New Zealand to watch the Magpies preseason tour, with games scheduled next… »7/19/14 1:24pm7/19/14 1:24pm

Loic Remy's Late Goal Seals Newcastle Upset Over Chelsea

It seems like we've been here before, with a member of the Premier League's royalty losing unexpectedly to a team with nowhere near comparable talent. But that's the 2013 season for you, where Arsenal and Liverpool face off in a top-of-the-table clash while fighting off the likes of Tottenham, Southampton, and Everton. »11/02/13 12:20pm11/02/13 12:20pm

Liverpool Fans Get Drenched When Faulty Sprinkler Goes Off At Halftime

"You know what would be fun? A football match," one might say to a friend. "Let's get tickets and go," a friend might respond. "It'll be a nice day and there would be absolutely no chance of us getting soaked to the bone by some random, malfunctioning sprinkler positioned right at the edge of the pitch and facing the… »11/04/12 3:27pm11/04/12 3:27pm