Here's Video Of Newcastle's Danny Simpson Unconscious and Bleeding After A Late-Night Street Fight

Perhaps Danny Simpson is best known as a former Manchester United youth player, or as the boyfriend of a pop star and X Factor judge, rather than for his soccer skills. Now he can be the Newcastle defender who got knocked out outside a Manchester club late Saturday night! Surely that's an accomplishment. »2/04/13 6:10pm2/04/13 6:10pm

Everton Fans Would Be Happy To Take Some NFL Replacement Referees Off Our Hands

While two different goal-line technologies are approved for use by the world's top soccer organizations, neither are implemented in the English Premier League yet—the limeys electing to stick with the power of the human eye for the time being. That's unfortunate, because EPL assistant referees are blind as bats.… »9/18/12 9:00am9/18/12 9:00am

Reconstructing The Most Exciting Day In The History Of Soccer (And Maybe Sports, Period)

The final day of the 2011 MLB regular season enchanted us with its insanity; its events became a video game montage and inspired its own tag here on Deadspin. That day, however, only determined which teams would gain entry to the playoffs. By comparison, Sunday's final day of the English Premier League was Game… »5/16/12 4:36pm5/16/12 4:36pm

Rival Soccer Players Know To Expect That Newcastle United's Joey Barton "Will Come In Your Face"

If your tongue absolutely, positively must slip during a sports interview, why not sound as if you're talking sexually when, in fact, you're talking about a rival's tenacity on the English Premier League pitch? This is what happened to Fulham's Philippe Senderos when asked about Newcastle United's Joey Barton. »8/24/11 10:00pm8/24/11 10:00pm