John Clayton Needs To Work On His Mechanics

ESPN's NFL reporter and ponytail folk hero threw out the ceremonial first pitch before Saturday's Mariners game and it went probably about as well as one imagines a ceremonial first pitch would go for John Clayton. » 5/26/13 7:15pm 5/26/13 7:15pm

Marc Gasol Loses Shoe, Is Reunited With Shoe, Commits Foul With Shoe

This is a weird sequence from last night's Grizzlies-Jazz Game. Early in the fourth quarter Gasol converted a quick turnaround hook and on his way back up the court, had his foot stepped on, losing his shoe. » 3/17/13 12:39pm 3/17/13 12:39pm

Another Buzzer-Beater For Another High School State Championship

Here we have Mercy star senior Maria Weselyj hitting a three point shot as time expires to give her team a 54-53 win in the Connecticut Class LL state final. Had Weselyj not made the shot, Mercy would have lost four consecutive Class LL finals, making her Mercy's very own Jim Kelly. » 3/17/13 10:30am 3/17/13 10:30am

Motorin’: Your Highlight Reel Of The Most Night Ranger-Worthy Runs From…

Prompted by a discussion between Gawker's own Mobutu Sese Seko and Sports Illustrated college football writer Holly Anderson, we created this mp3 celebrating the best and only relevant moment of Night Ranger's musical career. We think it's worth using to highlight plays, so here's the best runs from this past weekend… » 9/24/12 6:00pm 9/24/12 6:00pm

Jason Pierre-Paul Dumps Prince Amukamara Into An Ice Bath, Sports…

I wish I could tell you this video, that ProFootballTalk posted during the Giants thrashing of the Jets is cause for "concern" in the New York Giants "locker room." Nothing would make me happier than to sit here and pound out a paragraph that suggests the Giants are on the verge of a team meltdown because Jason… » 8/19/12 4:00pm 8/19/12 4:00pm

Here's The Joey Barton Meltdown From Today's Stunning Manchester City…

Before we got to the dramatic finish, QPR's Joey Barton provided some initial fireworks after getting sent off for an "off-the-ball incident involving Carlos Tevez." » 5/13/12 6:05pm 5/13/12 6:05pm