Canadian Bobsleigher Almost Killed By "Wood In His Buttock"

Chris Spring, an Australian bobsleigher who currently pilots a four man crew for Canada, was recently involved in a nasty crash while training in Germany for the World Cup. Three of the four men were airlifted to the hospital after careening into a crash barrier due, it is believed, to a steering error. Spring, who… »1/07/12 1:00pm1/07/12 1:00pm

Cowboys At Buccaneers: Your Saturday Night Football Open Thread

Dallas at Tampa Bay (NFL Network): The Buccaneers have not won since October 16th and are on the verge of dropping eight straight for the first time since 1987. "'I hate to say there's an extra emphasis on [this game]; that means you didn't have emphasis on the other ones,' said Morris. 'It certainly is special… »12/17/11 8:20pm12/17/11 8:20pm

The Jaguars Cut An Injured David Garrard Because They're Cheap, His Agent Says

And here we were thinking the David Garrard saga had ended, more boring than an average Jaguars game. But Garrard's camp is still talking trash on the Jags, from beyond the grave. (Or operating table. Whatever.) Garrard's agent says the team knew about the back injury, and released the quarterback rather than pay him… »10/18/11 10:45am10/18/11 10:45am