Newsday, Like Twitter Users, Simply Cannot Tell Brian Kelly And Chip Kelly Apart

Two college football coaches, both named Kelly. Chip has just completed a marvelous season marred only by the fact that his Oregon Ducks did not get to compete for a national championship and stand to finish third or perhaps second in the final polls. Brian has one of the two teams playing for the national title in a… » 1/05/13 4:58pm 1/05/13 4:58pm

The New York Rangers Made The Day's Worst Jeremy Lin Pun

You're the Rangers. How do you enlighten an oblivious public that there's a New York team that somehow has fewer championships in the last 70 years than the Knicks, and ohbytheway is in first place? With this ad in today's Newsday, apparently. No Carl HageLin? No Ryan CalLinhan? No Marian GaboJeremyLinrik? [… » 2/16/12 1:30pm 2/16/12 1:30pm