Even After Seven TDs, Peyton Manning Can't Escape John Elway's Shadow

According to the Columbus Dispatch, it was ol' No. 7 who put a historic hurting on the Baltimore Ravens last night. There's never really a good excuse for mistaking John Elway for Peyton Manning, but this definitely shouldn't happen the morning after a record-setting performance like the one Manning gave last night. »9/06/13 9:30am9/06/13 9:30am


The New York Times Tries Its Hand At Animated Gifs. It Does Not Go Well.

If Buzzfeed and the Times made a baby, and it had epilepsy, it would look like this: "10 Animated GIFs From London 2012." These gifs are different—they're constructed from rapid fire shots taken by the Times's photographers, rather than from actual moving pictures. It sort of defeats the entire purpose of the medium. »8/10/12 2:00pm8/10/12 2:00pm