Neymar Belter From Distance Puts Barcelona Up 2-1 On PSG

Barcelona decided to break out a completely new formation for today's crucial Champions League match against Paris Saint-Germain. It was a sensible but risky choice, since the club has the parts to play three at the back but hadn't yet proved it could come together. Well, when Neymar struts through the heart of the… » 12/10/14 3:43pm 12/10/14 3:43pm

Lionel Messi Almost Scoring Is More Impressive Than Most Actual Goals

A player broadly similar to Lionel Messi might've been what Johan Cruyff imagined Barcelona would produce after implementing his philosophy, but not even the Dutchman could've foreseen this Argentine's specific genius. I mean, try to prevent your jaw from dropping when he merely gets close to scoring: » 10/18/14 4:26pm 10/18/14 4:26pm

Ain't No Liga Like The One I Got: Your 2014-15 La Liga Preview

Here we are. The La Liga season has just started up, and now we get to watch the league with the world's three best players, its two best teams, and the saddest hodgepodge of patsies since Enter the Dragon. In spite of these financial realities, Spain managed to produce Europe's wildest title race last season, as… » 8/25/14 4:12pm 8/25/14 4:12pm

No, Neymar Can't Come Back This World Cup. That Could Paralyze Him.

To the surprise of very many, when Neymar went down in the 86th minute against Colombia on Friday, the 22-year-old striker wasn't faking. After being kneed in the back by Colombia's Juan Zúñiga, Neymar was carried off the field and taken directly to a hospital, where doctors soon discovered that he'd suffered a… » 7/07/14 12:10pm 7/07/14 12:10pm

Emotional Neymar Says He's "Sure" Brazil "Will Win"

Before leaving them for good, Neymar spoke with his teammates following the news that a fractured vertebra will keep him out of the remainder of the World Cup and then recorded a message for the rest of his country. He told the rest of Brazil that he knew his teammates would go on and win it all and they'd all be… » 7/05/14 6:40pm 7/05/14 6:40pm

The Career Of Neymar, As Told Through His Glorious Hairstyles

Neymar has been a superstar-in-the-making for over five years now, mostly due to his preternatural talent that manifested itself at a young age and never stopped growing. But it's also because of the flair and passion with which he plays the game, an emotional vulnerability that always lies just beneath the surface;… » 6/17/14 1:44pm 6/17/14 1:44pm

Neymar And Gisele Are On Vogue Brasil Cover, Aren't Butt-Ass Naked

Looks like these Mario Testino World Cup-inspired Vogue covers are officially a thing. Earlier, we got an eyeful of what Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk look like sharing a size-zero cocktail dress between the two. Who would've thought the Brazilian version featuring Neymar and Gisele Bundchen would be the more… » 5/26/14 6:17pm 5/26/14 6:17pm