Reports: Rams WR Stedman Bailey Shot In The Head (UPDATES)

St. Louis Rams wide receiver Stedman Bailey was shot in the head tonight in South Florida while in a car with his family, according to a report from Mike Silver of and another from Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. The reports indicate that his injuries are non-life-threatening. Bailey is currently… »Today 12:31am11/25/15 12:31am

Report: Bad Call At End Of Patriots-Bills Game Was Because Official Forgot He Wasn't In College

The inadvertent whistle is justly getting most of the attention, but the Patriots’ 20-13 win over the Bills was a terrible game all around for the zebras. And the Boston Globe has a source in the referees’ union who blames the blown call on the final play of the game on an official who mixed up a college rule with an… »Yesterday 1:09pm11/24/15 1:09pm

Johnny Manziel's Defense: "Videos Can Be Old" [UPDATE]

This weekend, a video surfaced of Johnny Manziel holding a champagne bottle and singing to Future, which would be a standard bit of athlete-out-on-the-town goofiness if not for the fact that the Browns quarterback spent two months in rehab earlier this year. The clip appears to be from a Friday party at a nightclub in… »Yesterday 12:30pm11/24/15 12:30pm

What's Wrong With NFL Officiating?

It’s getting exhausting emerging from each weekend with our choice of questionable and downright bad refereeing decisions to analyze, but it feels unavoidable these days. I don’t know if it’s confirmation bias or if it’s real, but NFL officiating feels as bad this season as it’s ever been. Last night’s 20-13 Patriots… »Yesterday 9:26am11/24/15 9:26am

Johnny Manziel Partied With Expensive Champagne During His Bye Week

Heading into his team’s bye week, Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel told reporters that he planned to use the week off as a chance to “relax” and “shut it down.” Over the weekend, a video of Manziel dancing and holding a bottle of champagne while at a party in Austin, Tex., was posted on a DJ’s Instagram page. The… »Monday 3:19pm11/23/15 3:19pm

Apparently, You Can Wear A Hoodie Under An NFL Jersey

This is the NFL, where you will get fined for wearing the wrong cleats, or eye black, or headphones, or baseball cap. So when Packers WR James Jones played the entire 30-13 win over the Vikings with a hoodie on underneath his jersey, most everyone figured he’d have to cut a check to pay for his coziness. Not so! The… »Monday 10:10am11/23/15 10:10am

Washington Defensive End Jason Hatcher: Referees "Single Us Out" Because Of Team Name

Washington got the shit kicked out of them by Cam Newton and the Panthers today. Newton tossed five touchdowns and generally ran all over everyone. Of course, Washington helped him out plenty, as they committed nine penalties for 68 yards, including a would-be pick-six that got called all the way back. Save for a late… »Sunday 5:54pm11/22/15 5:54pm