The Rare Instance Of A Happy Tony Romo: Your Cowboys-Skins Roundup

Cowboys 31, Skins 16: Despite the "moral victory" last week, Dallas sought an actual victory against Washington. The Cowboys still found a way to manufacture pressure on Robert Griffin III, keeping him uncomfortable even though pass-rushers DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher were injured over the course of the game.
»10/13/13 11:58pm10/13/13 11:58pm

Mark Sanchez, The Cheerleader: Your Monday Night Football GIF Roundup

New York 30, Atlanta 28: So that was a surprisingly entertaining game. The Jets won on a 44-yard field goal as time expired but this play from Julio Jones is your play of the game. Jones snatched a 46-yard pass with one hand and Cromartie all over him. It came exactly one play after Jones was flagged for offensive… »10/08/13 1:02am10/08/13 1:02am

Eli's Derpiest Interception Yet: Your Week 5 Early Games Roundup

Eagles 36, Giants 21: Take a good look at everything awful in that Eli Manning GIF. The face. The bad pocket. The pass bouncing off a teammate's head. This is the perfect representation of an 0-5 team. For the record, that pass ended up being an interception. Mike Vick was also hurt, but it doesn't seem too serious. »10/06/13 4:52pm10/06/13 4:52pm

Chip Kelly Emotional Overload: Your Week 4 Late Games Roundup

Broncos 52, Eagles 20: Who can stop the Broncos this season? Denver didn't care how quickly Chip Kelly and the Eagles ran plays; the Broncos scored 38 straight points over three quarters. Peyton Manning threw for four touchdowns and 327 yards. This game was decided early, and the Broncos look near-invincible right now. »9/29/13 7:55pm9/29/13 7:55pm