Jerry Jones: NFL "Could Easily Have Doubleheader On Thursday"

Two days ago, the NFL denied a Wall Street Journal story that reported that the league was considering adding an additional Thursday night football game. According to the Journal, the NFL hasn't been happy with TNF ratings on the NFL Network, and one solution under discussion was to air another game that night, which… » 10/18/13 10:50am 10/18/13 10:50am

Report: NFL Considers More Thursday Night Games; League Denies It

A report in today's Wall Street Journal claims that the NFL is exploring the idea of selling a new slate of Thursday games, possibly creating a Thursday night doubleheader every week. For fans of sloppy, forgettable football, a golden age could be dawning. » 10/16/13 11:18am 10/16/13 11:18am

How Roger Goodell And ESPN Use Each Other

The NFL Network may not be the monolith the league once envisioned, but Roger Goodell likes having it around for what it forces others to do, particularly ESPN. Goodell alluded to this on Monday while speaking to Hearst employees—Hearst owns 20 percent of ESPN—during the media company's regularly held "master classes"… » 10/01/13 11:40am 10/01/13 11:40am

Wacky Chiefs Fans In Philly Deserve High-Def, Super-Slow-Mo Treatment

We opened last night's GIF roundup with this pre-game NFL Network moment of Chiefs fans at a Philadelphia bar, but the whole episode really deserves close analysis. There's just so much going on here, so we we slowed it down a bunch & uploaded it at the full HD resolution. » 9/20/13 1:45pm 9/20/13 1:45pm

So, Where Can You Get Your NFL Draft Spoilers This Year?

One consequence of the NFL's ever-swelling influence over American sports fans has been the transformation of the NFL draft from a curiosity that was fun to watch on a lazy April weekend into a three-day spectacle that occupies primetime programming spots on ESPN and the NFL Network. But the draft's rise in prominence… » 4/24/13 4:43pm 4/24/13 4:43pm

Ed Reed And Eddie Money Sang "Two Tickets To Paradise" And It Was An…

Singing Eddie Money's "Two Tickets To Paradise" sort of became Ed Reed's thing during the Ravens' Super Bowl run. He sang at the send-off before the game and at the celebration in Baltimore after the win. And probably a million times in between in the shower, too—stupid Geico commercial—but this, this was not necessary. » 3/04/13 9:45pm 3/04/13 9:45pm

Michael Irvin Brought Out The PDA For Bills Running Back C.J. Spiller

The noisefest that is the Thursday Night Football post-game show on NFL Network usually proceeds like an unfunny version of TNT's Inside The NBA: full of wackiness, but lacking the charm or anything memorable. You can usually rely on Michael Irvin to do something out of the ordinary, though, and he certainly brought… » 11/16/12 9:00am 11/16/12 9:00am