NFL Network Cuts To Commercial After "Beavers" And "Bush" Leave Panelists Incapacitated

Today’s NFL Network draft coverage came to a sudden halt when, immediately after Mike Mayock’s assertion that “I’m very much a Beavers guy,” the Bears selected Deon Bush. That pick drove the network’s panelists to paralyzing laughter, and brought on a quick cut to commercial.


Goofball Dancing Behind Brian Baldinger Is The Real Super Bowl MVP

NFL Network’s hours upon days upon weeks of Super Bowl coverage have been brain-choking, though we can’t deny that the meaningless words being spewed from the channel’s personalities are drawing viewers. But, really, how much more is there to be said about tomorrow’s game? Thankfully, this young chap turned up to make…

NFL Network's Charley Casserly Freaks Out About Live Broadcast

NFL Network analyst Charley Casserly clearly wasn’t prepared for a conversation about Jameis Winston this afternoon, freaking out about how the questions hadn’t been pre-scripted and apparently not realizing he was on live television. “Don’t ask me a question we haven’t talked about,” Casserly angry demands of host…